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  1. Procedurally generated spiders

    Interesting tutorial!
  2. Procedurally generated spiders

    I was just thinking that i could add locaters in Houdini which i read out in maya and write a mel script which would generate a suitable rig for the spider. That way i could have procedurally generated spiders with the apropriate rig and while we're at it possible a procedural animation. Interesting ^^
  3. Procedurally generated spiders

    It would be possible to study which environments produce which spiders. Then the user could input variables of the environment and a suitable spider pops out.
  4. Hello my name is Esther Zuidgeest a freshly graduated student in Game visuals. I'd like to present my houdini project here. What the project is about: The system I've build in Houdini can produce an infinite amount of different spiders. On top of that, each one of those spiders can be dynamically edited into the shape you want it to be. It is best demonstrated in this video: VIDEO How can this be implemented in games? This spider generator can also be build as a system that generates different varieties of trees, rocks, enemies or whole levels together with uv layouts and even textures. Once the system is build, it will give infinite variations without an effort. Documentation on the project:Procedural Spider Document Like my work? Here is my portofolio website: www.estherzuidgeest.nl I'm currently looking for a job. If you have questions, please ask!
  5. 3d Generalist + houdini artist

    Hello my name is Esther Zuidgeest. I have a portofolio website which shows my resume and portofolio material: http://www.estherzuidgeest.nl/ Here is a direct link to my procedural spiders houdini project: http://www.estherzuidgeest.nl/index.php/portfolio/procedural-spiders-in-houdini enjoy!
  6. Procedural Spider Generator

    No there is just one spider on the screen and its dimensions change on each frame. It is done by the following construction rand($F). So you get a random value which changes on each frame. you can use that value between 0 and 1 for everything. The expression i used most was: fit(rand($F+24),0,1,45,90) With fit you can scale the random value between 0,1 to a value between 45 and 90 for example.
  7. I am studying at IGAD in the Netherlands which is a game design education. For last block we had to do a project in Houdini. I like animals and everything organic, so i ended up making a system which randomly creates different spiders. There are also controls which let you adjust a generated spider. I couldn't figure out how to post in the finished projects topic so i'll just post here. Here are some spiders that are randomly generated: here i made two spiders after an example by using the controls. A tarantula A green spider Buttoms-up: Hairy-spider: houdini crashed around 150000 hairs What i basically did is start with a shape for the spider's head. This shape is adjustable. The legs and abdomen are connected to the head's shape. So when the head shape changes, everything changes with it and keeps its connection to the body. If you have questions, ask