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  1. Inevitable Sunset of the Liquid Horizon

    Thanks a lot guys!
  2. orient on Fur Procedural

    Thanks Brian!
  3. orient on Fur Procedural

    oh, I forgot to attach an example file I was talking about in my first post. I guess it's to late for that but anyway... furOrient01.hip
  4. orient on Fur Procedural

    Hi, I was wondering how/where to add orient attribute on Fur Procedural? In my example I have used a shelf tool to create fur and added orient attribute in /obj/hair/fur/ if I render /obj/hair/fur (for that delete geometry -> procedural shader line) I can see the effect of orient. So I would like to use it the same way on fur procedural (/obj/hair/fur/shopnet1/furgeometry). So how can I feed those attributes to fur procedural geometry shader? Thanks
  5. Mantra DOF

    Hi, I am rendering DOF with mantra (Micropolygon Physically Based or Micropolygon Rendering) and I am getting black spots in the center of bokeh on the objects that are out of focus. I was hoping to get a solid bokeh. Also what other parameters besides Pixel Samples and Motion Factor could help me to get rid of the noise on out of focus objects and increase rendering time? And lastly, is there a way to do a polygonal bokeh with mantra? Thanks a lot Cheers PS please preview images at a higher gamma (3.5) DOF_test.hip
  6. Inevitable Sunset of the Liquid Horizon

    I have done that already, let's see if it get selected.
  7. Inevitable Sunset of the Liquid Horizon

    "hot chick" is fine. Still being a good girlfriend and not being mad about publicity on the web
  8. Procedural FX reel 2011 by Tomas Zaveckas

    Hi Erik, bouncing particles are nothing special - just a simple collision with the ground plane, then particles bounce off and split it to more particles. fading out opacity through life and instancing spheres for rendering. you get those smeared colors because spheres never have opacity of 1 and there is a lot of them.
  9. Inevitable Sunset of the Liquid Horizon

    a shampoo ad?! i didn't see that at all by the way, thanks for all the replays on my forums I would not have finished this piece on time without your help.
  10. Inevitable Sunset of the Liquid Horizon

    thanks a lot!
  11. Inevitable Sunset of the Liquid Horizon

    Please tell me what you think about my MFA in Animation and Visual Effects final thesis project at Academy of Art University. CGI was build in Houdini and rendered with Mantra. I hope you'll enjoy it. [view]
  12. Procedural FX reel 2011 by Tomas Zaveckas

    please share your thoughts on my reel. Thanks http://www.vfxloft.com/
  13. smoke Cd Source

    Thanks a lot! this is awesome
  14. smoke Cd Source

    Thanks a lot, thats really helpful, also, now that you have mentioned, how would you change smoke color after the sim? how do I do this in volume VOP?
  15. smoke Cd Source

    hi, I am trying to make the smoke inherit colors form POPs, where its being emitted from. Peter Quint did the same thing with density on his tutorial "Particle Smoke I". However I can't replicate this with a vector filed (Cd). Please let me know what am I doing wrong. Thanks! colorFromPops.hipnc