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  1. Ground Crack

    Did this some time ago. Thought it might be helpful to folks who need this kind of effect. cracktest.rar
  2. Michael Snow's Corpus Callosum (2002). Check it out if you can get hold of it. Greg Hermanovic stars in it!
  3. Which Scripting Language To Learn?

    > Bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering or computer graphics OT: I wonder how many of us have this. I gave up electronic engineering place in university and went for film school instead. Overlord: Whatever language you go for (and all of them have their uses), just make sure you can use it immediately and frequently. Learning programming abstractly without immediate application is as good as not learning it at all cos you'll forget it all. With that in mind and taking into account your immediate need, I would suggest just zone in and learn RSL (which is largely applicable to VEX too) supplemented with some light reading on C. Pick up Python later when you need to process those pesky RIBs. Good luck with your course!
  4. Ground Crack

    Know what? I'm just as baffled by it as you are :-D Did this so long ago. Maybe it's some scaffolding I forgot to take down. And you're right, it doesn't do much other than trimming off some really thin parts of the crack. You can replace it with a fuse SOP and it'll turn out no different. Anyway don't "research" too much into it. The main thing is to use a spring SOP to pull the crack line straight and then use that to color and pull apart the crevice.
  5. That Cgtalk Lighting Challenge

    That's a long thread. But the "community effort" looks more like one guy with a lot of cheering on going around him.
  6. Anisotropic Reflections

    Your test images somehow look sweeter than mine (Off-topic: the right picture looks like a pregnant tummy facing a carrot donut).
  7. Anisotropic Reflections

    I've done a shabby-looking test render. It renders in under 5 seconds with 16 samples/pixel. The no. of ray samples/pixel = no. of pixel samples and are filtered in the same way. Have to turn on "compute first derivatives" in the MR ROP, or else the shader won't work. It's a sphere on the left side that reflects the torus, with shinyu and shinyv set alternately to 1, 100 and 100, 1. I didn't bother to chain in a direct illum shader so the sphere is black. the shader code: #include "shader.h"struct blureflect {miScalar shinyu; miScalar shinyv;}; DLLEXPORT int blureflect_version(void) {return 1;} DLLEXPORT miBoolean blureflect(
  8. Anisotropic Reflections

    There's a quick way to get this if you use MR. Take the little blureflect shader from my website and replace mi_reflection_dir_glossy() with mi_reflection_dir_anisglossy() (check MR doc for function description).
  9. After a long sleep, it's got a new home now. I've linked up the demo mi files this time. Please let me know if there're broken/missing links in there.
  10. Strange Geo

    Not sure if this'been posted before, but here goes http://www.cromp.com/tess/home.html
  11. Modo For $299

    Sigh, there's no modeler like Mirai. I waited, and waited... Silo does feel a bit like Mirai, and serves nicely to satisfy a bit of the nostalgia.
  12. Cannes Film?

    Just came back from Flying Daggers. It's a piece of colorful crap. I haven't touched Houdini for a long time. Now I'm into hand-drawn animation -- goodness, all the fun that I've been missing!
  13. Cannes Film?

    House of Flying Daggers will have its world premiere here in Beijing next week. But forget about it, you should look out for Old Boy, the Korean film that won the grand prix in Cannes this year. It's one of the squimingly tightest films I've seen in recent years.
  14. mental ray notes

    Both Mantra and PRman decouple geometric sampling from shading sampling, while MR makes no distinction between the two. In MR, 16 (for eg.) sampling rays get sent out and each returns a different geometric hit point as well as different shader return value, and they all get filtered in the same trusty way. On the other hand, in Mantra and PRman, some of those rays could return the same shading value because they hit the same micropolygon. So, Du and Dv are not as important in MR and there's no need to fret over their accuracy. In fact, because there's no notion of a "micro-shading-facet" in MR, there's no notion of Du and Dv!
  15. mental ray notes

    Mental Ray works well with Houdini, and is a spanking renderer. Mantra should take the cue from MR and start to sample shaders with rays rather than micro-vertices; that would remove one of the biggest chores of shader-writing -- anti-aliasing.
  16. Another solution is to create a scripted subnet -- Ctrl + RMB in the network view and choose "create new operator type"; set up what- ever extra channels you need in the creation dialog box. The new op would appear as another subnet op in the toolbar. Fill its instance with your other visible OPs. Using scripted subnets, you can forgo both custom panel and spare channels.
  17. HK Toon

    The basic idea behind the effect wasn't mine - Sidefx released a demo many years ago (in Prisms days) showing how to draw an outline using the delete/divide combo. And edward, your cache idea wouldn't work because the outline is view-dependent, and baking the geometry would destroy it. I've put up the cloud avi at http://cade.scope.edu/gifts/cloud.avi. The sequence was rendered with Prman; i3d wasn't used at all. I started it to test i3d and volume rendering in Houdini, but a couple of holes in them forced me to give up and turn to Prman to wrap up the test. IMHO I3d + raymarched volume is great for close, loose clouds but is a real hassle to use when you're dealing with far, dense clouds. I think really good clouds can be made with this observation in mind and using a combination of methods. Betty, glad you like those little examples:-) And a fellow Mirai fan! That software is so beautifully designed. I hope it picks itself up again.
  18. HK Toon

    It's best not to departmentalize things when you're working with Houdini. For example, to go anywhere with CHOPs you mustn't see it only as a channel-generating tool - in a sense it's a compositor, modeler, graph editor and game engine all rolled into one. Many effects that we normally think of as rendering tasks can be done much faster and easily using geometry. For example, shadow beams in fog can be created by rendering an matte pass of the shadow-casting objects, then trace-SOP the image and extrude the traced outlines.