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  1. h12.5 cloth

    hmm, i can't get the 'enabletearing' attribute working here. not as sop-created attribute and not with the help of a dop created multi-solver setup(cloth-/sop-solver). did the attribute name change? i cant find any 12.5 related documentation either. a little help would be much appreciated. =] cheers, -chris.
  2. Bullet "popping"

    <bump> yep, some info on that would be nice .. </bump>
  3. Houdini Demo Reel 2011

    awesome! <3
  4. Pyro stamping

  5. changing physical parameters in sops

    well, i have to admit i didn't mention that. but this wasn't supposed to go in different directions in the first place at all. i just stumbled over issues while playing with it. whatever .. i have to stop playing now. but thx again for this stuff you posted. definitely learned something. and stop smashing furnishings please. cheers, -chris.
  6. changing physical parameters in sops

    thx for this interesting example file. but have a look at the 2 quick tests in the flipbook (attachment ). 1. example: shouldn't the heavier side of the object fall quicker? 2. example: shouldn't the lighter part be more attracted by the magnet force? .. it seems that the different values onyl affect the sim after the ground collision. cheers. 358435468.mov
  7. hi. stuff like bounce and friction works fine with an attribcreate and per_point values. but i stumbled over the task to vary the weight of a rather simple object like a tube .. per_point values in sops for mass and/or density won't work i guess. so i'd really like to know how to vary the weight for a tube for example. (let's say one end of the tube is heavier 'cause some metal lives in there). thx i advance. cheers, -chris.
  8. generalist showreel and tools

    sry for bugging .. but any news on the tool anim? :>
  9. generalist showreel and tools

    indeed .. very nice reel. and yes .. it would be appreciated if you could post that auto-resize tool. thx & cheers, -chris.
  10. Displace Volumes?

    well, since i'm not using billowySmokeMaterial it's not exactly the same. creating the rest fileds like that should be ok (i guess); but feeding them into shading context still won't work ...
  11. Displace Volumes?

    was more about creating restfields and feeding them to the shading context. and still no clue how to set it up properly. whatever .. thx anyway. cheers, -chris.
  12. Displace Volumes?

    thx for the reply .. but that little information won't do it for me. where\how exactly do i have to add them? do i have to pay attention to anything specific? (uniform sampling? initial value? ...) and what about shading context? (is P -> restP enough ho get the information straight?) cheers.
  13. Displace Volumes?

    hi. just trying some simple shader-based displacement and some questions came up very soon. have a look at the setup here ( http://i.imgur.com/SseCz.png ) please. a single image gives me the result i expected. but as soon as i start to animate i can see the object moving through the noise ... as expected, too. so i add .. .. 1) a rest_SOP -> no changes .. as expected .. 2a) a restP_VOP (not seen in the image but tested) -> empty image (no color/alpha) or .. 2b) a transform_VOP (not seen in the image but tested) to change from cam_space to object_space as stated in the aanoise_helpfile -> empty image (no color/alpha) so i guess i need some help to set this up properly. thx in advance. cheers, -chris.
  14. Displace Volumes?

    nice, thx for sharing. =)
  15. Displace Volumes?

    elo, i'm pretty new to working with volumes in houdini and there's a bunch of things i really don't get. how do you get this volumeVOP setup (seen in your screenshot) working without multiplying by density properly? what exactly is this volume_sample_from_file good for? - helpfile is not cooperating with my brain in that case. would you maybe share that file? cheers, -chris.