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  1. How to create a group based on "name" attribute?

    DanBode, thanks that is a good idea.
  2. Hi How can I turn "name" attribs into regular groups? I understand that they are like groups with more power. I am just curious about turning them into group like structure that can show up in the group pulldown windows. thanks
  3. Hi Thank you all. That helps
  4. How can I access the current point number in an attribcreate SOP? I want to associate the point number with some other values per point. $PT does not seem to work. I can create a VOPSOP and pass an inline custom attribute to the next sop. I am just curios about making it work with the attrib create SOP. thanks
  5. Keeping each particle away from eachother?

    graham and moondeer, Thanks for the replies. Both are very helpful to my particle issue.
  6. Keeping each particle away from eachother?

    Hi I am trying to create a small particle system where they do not collide and stay away from eachother at certain distances(to avoid collision mostly). I tried looking into proximity and grouping but I could not get desired results. What would be the best way to create a system where particles always stay away from eachother? thanks
  7. win 64 hot Ocean 11.1.67 compile

    Hi Thanks for the build. I was trying to build it myself here. I feel like this build is kind of like slow compared to the version I was using on hoduini10. Similar experience?
  8. Hi I want to transfer some mesh details from highres to lowres. Well I can use ray sop and some other methods to transfer stuff in general. But in this case I want to use those highres details in render time. So I am wondering what would be the best way to create displacement texture baking like transfering details from a highres to lowres object via textures? thanks
  9. Houdini 11 issues

    I have the proportional font problem under 11.1. Totally weird. Does anyone have a solution for this? thanks
  10. HDK and C?

    Jason that sounds like a superb idea. Thanks for the tip.
  11. HDK and C?

    Hey thanks for some insight. I am most concerned with including HDK C++ and include files. I doubt I will be making complicated stuff. I am rather curious about it. I am in the process of learning c++ anyways thanks
  12. HDK and C?

    Hi Is it possible to code some HDK stuff with C? I know HDK is c++ but i am wondering if someone without knowledge of c++(but with c knowledge) managed to write some HDK stuff?
  13. Hi I create a grid and turn into smoke by using the smoke from object. Then I create a sphere and turn into smoke by using the smoke from object tool adding to the same fluid domain(only the sphere is there). Now what happens is that the grid is not in the smoke domain anymore. It seems like only one object is enabled in a fluid domain? Does it make sense? I am trying to make these 2 objects interact with eachother pretty much thanks
  14. Global material override?

    Hi Thanks for all the answers. It sounds like there is no straight solution to global override but as usual Houdini offers a lot of alternative methods. thanks
  15. Import Hou error

    graham, thanks for letting me know. Is it something that can be resolved with using Cygwin environment instead?