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  1. Wood

    Hey everyone i just started writing a finished wood shader and i am still thinking about what kind of control is needed to make the shader as universal as possible for wood. Heres what i came up with so far : - modulation of the center of the wood - modulation of the ring spacing - modulation of the rings themselves - woodgrain - possibility to add cuts in the wood - possibility to add branches so if anyone finds something that i forgot please post it (no surface properties like specularity for now because i plan to implement the brdf described in this paper Measuring and modelling the Apperance of Finished Wood after i nailed the overall wood look ) Sven
  2. I3d Texture Channels Questions

    If you carefully read the help you will read this for the MetaballSpace vop : The operator is valid only inside the Point Loop loop construct and if you then read the docs for mattrib : Note that when using this operator inside a Point Loop, the attribute is not pre-blended by the density of the metaball. now you should already know what you need to know. 1) you can leave the MetaballSpace stuff away and connect P to your mattrib vop and you will get a Cd value that is already blended by the metaball density . 2)you create a point loop and use metaball space to roll your own density code and get the Cd value non pre blended for every metaball in range and compute the final color for yourself ( and also in this point loop you connect P to your mattrib vop and not p in metaball space ) I hope this helps a bit Sven
  3. 3d World Image Contest

    Does anyone know if its legit if anyone posts work in progress images of his/her contest image on a public forum ? Sven
  4. I3d Texture Channels Questions

  5. Rendering Particles As Points

    In the Render tab of your geometry you can set geometry to "Render only points" and then set the pscale attribute to a quite small value. Sven
  6. 3d World Image Contest

    Now that this is clear i am happy that i have 3 weeks of vacation beginning from the weekend and so lots of time to get started
  7. 3d World Image Contest

    Hi Robert thats really a great contest. maybe you should tell the people at computer arts to change their article because they talk about a 640x480 resolution and you say entrys have to be pal. Sven
  8. Previewing A Shader While Writing

    I am not 100 % shure if youre talking about inline vop or a complete shader now for inline vop just add a parameter vop wire it with the inline vop and prefix the parameter name with $ for example $parm1. for a regular shader pragmas give the compiler only additional information and are optional but you have to declare your parameter elsewhere. example : #pragma label testparm "My parm" // display the label My parm for the parameter testparm #pragma hint mycol color // tell the compiler that mycol is a color and not a simple vector #pragma group mygroup testparm mycol // tell the compiler to group testparm and mycol into one tab surface mysurface(float testparm=2; vector mycol={1,1,1}; ) // declare a parameter testparm of type float with a default of 2 { // Whatever your shader does }
  9. Previewing A Shader While Writing

    I used Cutter for a while but now i am writting directly into the type properties. Step 1 : File menu / New operator type for example surface shader operator I usually install the library to /home/houdini8.x/ and create a new otl for every shader Step 2 : In the opening operator type properties window click accept Step 3 : Go to shops and add your shader to the scene rightclick on the shader and select type properties go to the vexcode tab Step 4 : edit your shader with testcompile you can check if the shader compiles without errors with apply you apply your changes and your shaderball/ objects instantly use the changed shader. with accept you accept your changes and close the window With alt+e you can open an external editor to edit your code if you dont like the inbuilt one I hope this helps a bit Sven
  10. Wood

    ok i added temporary diffuse shading because its quite hard to recognize anything from b&w pictures. i also added the unfinished wood grain code this time. if anyone has a nice object for test renders on his harddisk please feel free to help me out because i am really not the modeller kind of guy
  11. Wood

    I didnt have much time to continue working on the shader . Anyway heres what i have so far just to keep the thread alive
  12. Well, We're Back

    The new RSS feed is great
  13. Well, We're Back

    Really great to see you back Sven
  14. Disintegrating Sand

    Vieleicht k
  15. Ptlined() In Vops?

    This version should be a bit faster Sven k_voplay_ptline3.hipnc
  16. Ptlined() In Vops?

    ... and another reply ... if you turn of micropoly rendering everything looks fine(bad bad mantra ) micropolygon raytracing Sven
  17. Ptlined() In Vops?

    Heres another version i like a bit more. but with all versions you have the problem that you have to set the shading quality way up to something like 4-6 to get rid of those breaks in the lines in mid distance. k_voplay_ptline3.hipnc Sven
  18. Ptlined() In Vops?

    Still far from being perfect but should be a step in the right direction . k_voplay_ptline2.hipnc Sven
  19. Heres a cleaned up hip for the CG Talk lighting challenge "Under the boardwalk" in case anyone wants to give it a try . Sven UnderTheBoardwalk.tar.gz
  20. I hope i will finish the picture but i will need at least a week to write shaders for all the different objects . Sven
  21. Browsing Triggers Download

    I already send Jason a pm about this some hours ago. Hacker problems seem to be quite usual in here
  22. Firefox Wants To Download Index.php

    I had the same problems yesterday so youre not alone Sven
  23. Glass

    Great stuff as always Mario You should really send that shader to SideFx so that they have a proper VexGlass for the next release of Houdini Sven
  24. Erosion Shader

    I nearly forgot about that shader on my hd I started writting it and then Mario had a look at it and nearly rewrote the whole thing It still has some problems but try for yourself . Sven example : ImplicitExample.hip otl: Implicit.otl
  25. I am having a problem with a shader i just started to write . The shader shows up fine in shops preview but only renders white in mantra . Maybe one of you knows a solution for that problem . Screenshot : Source: #define STEPMOD pow(dot(normalize(N),normalize(I)),4) #define STEPS r*2/stepsize float FalloffFunction(vector pivot,pos; float radius;) { return 1-pow(radius/distance(pivot,pos),4);} float DensityFunction(vector pos;) { float TotalDensity=anoise(pos*4,6,0.7,1)*4; TotalDensity=clamp(TotalDensity,0,2); return(TotalDensity); } surface Cloud( float r=.5; float stepsize=.01; vector pivot={0,0,0}; ) { int steps = STEPS*STEPMOD; vector marchdir = normalize(P-Eye)*stepsize; vector currentpos = P+nrandom()*stepsize; vector Cv = 0,Ov = 0; float TotalDensity=0; float Density; float Falloff; if(dot(normalize(N),normalize(I))<0) { int i; for (i=0;i<steps;i++) { Falloff = FalloffFunction(pivot,currentpos,r); Density = DensityFunction(currentpos); TotalDensity += Falloff*Density; currentpos += marchdir; } TotalDensity=TotalDensity/(STEPS); Cf = Of = Af = TotalDensity; } else { Cf=Of=Af=0; } }