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  1. vellum instance orientation

    im in the confirmation that @torque and @w doesnt work in vellum soft bodies, at least not by default vellum_no_torque.hip
  2. vellum instance orientation

    i suspect there is no torque attribute on vellum, otherwise should it be listed here? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vellum/vellumattributes.html
  3. vellum instance orientation

    Im still trying to do this with no luck, seems like i cant make work @torque attribute, the initial vector is coming from vel, passing through diedral() but no luck atm..
  4. vellum instance orientation

    well i know you have to set up a torque or w angular vel, but it doesnt work this way!! file - > vellum_matrix.hip
  5. vellum instance orientation

    how can you orient vellum instances on the solver driving every instance with force?, i wanna turn the z axis of each instance in the direction of the force but maintaining the y axis pointing upwards, im defining a matrix with a cross function for x axis. i suspect that i have to apply a driedral() but i dont know where exacty i get the current matrix transform cause vellum doesnt show intrinsics, so at the moment my matrix data just rotate randomly due the misterious @w force so how, can i determine a rotation for each instance on vex? i know i have to use probably a diedral() but how? because i dont know where to retrieve the current matrix transform
  6. pcfind() not finding patchname in vellum!!!! how is it posible! that... i have a pcfind inside a solver in vellum, it doesnt find it!! patchname is $FF and it gives an index per instance, but the pcfind in wrangle in the solver cant find this attribute!!! how is this even posible, the name is not string, as far as i know, or is it? it goes as an integer, and even so it cant read it! also i would like to search attribs in the other instances with diferent patchname, i tryied this in a foreach, but it also doesnt work, starting from this fact. file ---> vellum_patchname_for_od.hip
  7. a progres on this...

    just a little progres on something im working. playblast.mp4
  8. HEEEELP PLEASE!! vellum instance orientation problem!!!! :(

    done!!! it worked now
  9. HEEEELP PLEASE!! vellum instance orientation problem!!!! :(

    no still not getting results, ive done that, and it just dont read it... what do you mean by merging with source?, something like this? but stilll doesnt work
  10. HEEEELP PLEASE!! vellum instance orientation problem!!!! :(

    thanks for the answer anim!!! what do you mean by merging the nodes after vellum source? you mean that i should move them to post- solve? merged with vellum source at the right side>????
  11. hi! whats up, the problem is this: i have this situation where i have some instances with vellum, and i want to set diferent directions for each instance based on vectors and matrices, and the patchname attribute for each seed, but for some reason the 'patch' or 'patchname' is not readed by the solver WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! patchname is renamed to 'patch' in a wrangle and it is not reading it anyway so what is the error here? which is the way to import patchname in the solver so i can set each orient matrix attribute and apply a diferent direction for each instance? because thats is the goal, setting a diferent orientation to set diferent direction for each instance how do you use patchname inside the whole context to perform diferent seed for each instance!!!! here is the file: vellum_instance_orient.hip
  12. Krakatoa in vex

  13. On Growth and Form

  14. some advice on flocks?

    hi, just cant get the real cordinated movement with flocks, and i dont know what im missing, i have the tree rules of flocks: separation, cohesion and aligment, here is what i have atm and here is what i would like to achieve
  15. Pyro sparse and colored smoke, how is this?

    Hi, how do you setup a sparse billowey smoke with colored smoke? I tried to import a Cd field with no luck, the classic setups doesnt work here... ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ I Even tried to recreate a hacky way to do it i saw im this forum and it doesnt work ☹️☹️