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  1. Lockheed Martin

    hahahahaha this is overhelming, lockheed martin hiring houdini artist??? this is like the nasa hiring blender artists... ive heard they have secret hiperadvanced technology not seen yet by the humand kind.. they are so advanced that is hard to think that they want to do some misile trails for animation hahaha
  2. Venom!

    hello i really dont remember how i made it but seeing it again, for sure i made it with some noisy paterns in moving points
  3. Vellum Part Of A Character?

    btw i havent tested this, you are working with these integer values, but what about stiffness? i gues it responds in the same maner you are defining stopped variable??? did you managed the trunk controlling stiffness?
  4. Vellum Part Of A Character?

    great, but whats your set up regarding your skeleton joints? or are you appling this on a baked animated geometry? i guess?
  5. Vellum Part Of A Character?

    great question i want to know too
  6. Orient packed primitives to velocity

    diedral? im interested on how you used diedral for this case.
  7. how can i import a fbx without the fbx window??? and i ask this because in a small resolutions the window doesnt fit the screen and you cant click the accept button!! and the window isnt resizable, i wonder why they dont make this window resizable, do you know whats the logic behind this?? so the question is how to import a fbx without this window, i cant click accept!!!
  8. Vellum mass customatization and double constraints

    i guess that the second constrain has the last word...
  9. thanksssssssssssssssssss letseeeeeeeeeee
  10. entagma talks about this "weld" parameter, but that is NOT good for this purpose, because the whole gemetry keeps reacting to dynamics all the time
  11. question about vellum: how can you control in H17 what was called "active value" and "pintoanimation" in H16 dynamics? what i want to do is a peeling flakes effect in vellum, but which parameter should i control in vellum for that purpose? there is this parameter called "weld" but that are more like stitches, and dynamics keep pushing cloth, and i need more like a on/off swich per point to activate dynamics per point. something like this:
  12. Wip: Neurons :)

  13. Wip: Neurons :)

    another render of neurons

    you are very wrong, noises are keeping alive vops, a lot of people, including me preffer noises on vops, not to mention that shaders will keep vops on the horizon
  15. Venom!

    lets see what he comes with!! ill start doing some tests...