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  1. vellum - it is posible to delete softbodies over time?

    yes but the problem is that using instances in this project is not easy, it is harder to sim with a handfull of items, up to 50, thats why i used a single solid... for some reason is faster
  2. vellum - it is posible to delete softbodies over time?

    deleting point by point doesnt work, because it colappses the simulation, just like i suspected vel_del_2.hip
  3. vellum - it is posible to delete softbodies over time?

    basically i need to delete vellum geometry outside the frustrum so it can simulate faster excluding the pieces outside the frame
  4. vellum - it is posible to delete softbodies over time?

    the situation is this... where i wonder which step follows from this point, to delete geometry outside the frustrum, but inside vellum vel_del.hip
  5. just wondering if its posible to delete vellum soft bodies over time, i kinda suspect that when you delete geometry before creating the solid object, will explode or collapse, due the geometry changing, and when you delete parts of the solid object is even worse, so, could it be posible in any way?
  6. rotating eyes without gimbal lock kinda problem?

    the answer to this was: the snapping is because it is being multiplied by 0 for a short period , so that causes a blank space where noise is not there, but at first glance you could think it is because the axis shouldnt be controled like that, and this is kinda the reason, but it can be a disipated a lot with diferent angle values.
  7. rotating eyes without gimbal lock kinda problem?

    another problem is instance() vex function distorting gemetry, mestela says here that you have to normalize, but that doesnt fix the problem in some cases https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniVex#Rotate_with_a_matrix
  8. rotating eyes without gimbal lock kinda problem?

    im kinda finding an answer, and yes based on the file
  9. whassap, im trying to build a setup where you build a eye rotations, but the problem i find with is that rotate() which seems to be the more viable way, presents 2 challenges when i try to use it: 1.- using the axis normally and rotating with radians: i dont know how to do a smooth interpolations in the axis to turn the eye whichever i want. 2.- using the axis to align the eye so you just playing around with radians: causes a snap effect, that reminds me the gimbal lock like issues, and thats the case of this example from @mestela. https://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=File:Eyeball.hipnc if you look each eye is "snapping" because the axis determines the orientation, or im wrong? so do you know how to rotate at which ever direction with very smooth interpolation? im trying this type of things: v@inidir = set(0,0,1); v@pt = point(1,"P",0); 3@ident = ident(); 3@secdir = dihedral(@inidir,@pt); f@dist = 1-distance(@P,set(0,0,0)); 3@sl = slerp( @ident, @secdir, @dist); p@orient = quaternion(@sl); matrix xform; @N = 0; float scale = 1; float postrotation = 0; xform = instance( @P, @N, scale, postrotation, @orient, @pivot); @P *= xform; as you can see in the code, im trying to rotate with dihedral and with a falloff decay effect, and then using instance to set up a pivot, but this isnt working. this isnt giving the answer because dihedral() and lookat() by it self arent the full matrix set up, but then which one is the apropiate set up? and all this is not because the eye itself, but the eyelids, basically the question is how do you setup eyelids in a procedural way?, because they belong to the full mesh, but have to be transformed with a very smooth falloff, and im not using blend shapes because im not using skeletons, is part of a procedural crowd.
  10. vellum question

    found the answer, was connected in wrong output, and i blame the magnetic wires think in network, view, houdini trying to guess where to conect everything is just wrong.
  11. vellum question

    can you tell why this vellum set up doesnt work with dopnets but it works with a solver in sops??? vellum_for_od.hip
  12. Vellum's pin constrain optimize??

    Im developing a pin contraints set up, i have like 19 geos configured as solid, but its taking so long, do you know a way to optimize vellum sims? Also i was thinking on asigning an specific pos with a falloff via sop solver, could it be faster? but a dunno if that could work
  13. what do you eat to be a vfxtd?

    but why
  14. what do you eat to be a vfxtd?

    i dont think a lot of coffee is good for concentration
  15. Epic Games Invests in SideFX

    yes, i wonder what it means for sesi this investment