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  1. Euler to orient-matrix inside dops.

    its done
  2. im on this situation where i need to rotate a lot of RBD stuff inside dops transforming from Euler to Matrix at the same time, do you know whats the best way to do it?,
  3. Lockheed Martin (Suffolk, VA)

    a secret clearance?!! im pretty sure they are making some jets with extraterrestrial tecnology then!!
  4. some motion graphics :)

  5. apply relationship challenging setup

  6. apply relationship challenging setup

    continuing with the look
  7. something that likes to swim

    continuing with the look
  8. use SOP attribute to drive POP source parameter

    nop, but what works is doing everything in sop solver, ignoring $SF and simulation stuff vars, just doing things with $F,
  9. use SOP attribute to drive POP source parameter

    this doesnt work in H17
  10. something that likes to swim

  11. something that likes to swim

    something im on
  12. apply relationship challenging setup

    now that i think about this, sesi should not release .5 versions, they are not needed
  13. apply relationship challenging setup

    almost done!
  14. RBD Chains?

    i cant believe this topic.
  15. apply relationship challenging setup

    lets start doing this!!!!