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  1. HELP! animated rest lenght from outside not working

    found the answer, the dynamic value needs to be pased with all the family of other attributes in the constraints if the vellum object is going to read the source.
  2. help! i really don't know why this doesn't work, i have some curves that are going to grow through time, and they have to pass through vellum to be dynamic, then when i pass the rest lenght size from outside, it grows but it starts to ignore the forces, , why is iiiiiiiiiiiiit? restlenght.hip
  3. That, and if so, what experiences could you tell us about a project like that? From lake, maritime and underwater scenarios, when you get down to work, what did it really mean to work on those movies and do projects like that where the whole range of work that these movies involve is imply.
  4. an internal reflection glance

    wassap, while the internal reflection is present in the default principled shader, in mantra is not very practical as is, because your scene can change a lot, by a lot of variants.... in redshift it doesnt even work by default, could be interesting to know how to activate it, and override it, and this is the same thing i will do in mantra, because, in a practical project, you cant adapt the whole scene to fit a physical property, maybe, hacking the incident ray? or you would like to adjust your scenne to fit always the needed angles? refr_for_od.hip <- redshift refr_mantra_for_od.hip
  5. "Depths"

    wassap! an artwork i just finished
  6. cinestyle and rendering. has anyone here worked on material recorded with cinestyle in DLSR? I ask because I can't find any information on rendering with these color profiles closer to the raw format, In mantra by default, its hard to match to plate with this color profile in redshift, the texture colors don't seem to match when you have a lighting apparently close to plate. So, then lighters here, can you shed some light on how you manage your pipeline with these different color profiles in mind? the color profile that was used in the material is this> https://www.technicolor.com/cinestyle
  7. La Pandemia de Pandora

    wassap, I am currently working on a short film of my own, where I am implementing many things made in h, it is in Spanish, it is about the problem of harassment of women, which is a cultural problem in Mexico, there are no subtitles for now, sorry hahahaha but it is because it has several dialogues and puns in Mexican slang that in English I would not know how to translate. of course, the point of this is a call for feedback on vfx matters.
  8. pyro sparse not resizing dynamically!!!

    whassap? why the bbox doesnt shrinks??? so i have this sparse volume sim, only advecting density, but the issue is that after my sim grows and then shrinks, it keeps working in the biggest version of it, even when my sim shrinks, my sim crashes because it keeps working hard over nothing, as u can see, and since we dont have dynamic resize in sparse anymore, so i cant figure where to adress, is embarazing even to think that maybe that isnt the problem??? but sure thing is that my sim keeps crashing by working in the biggest version of my sim, but over nothing!!! i dunno if im enough clear.
  9. vellum - it is posible to delete softbodies over time?

    yes but the problem is that using instances in this project is not easy, it is harder to sim with a handfull of items, up to 50, thats why i used a single solid... for some reason is faster
  10. vellum - it is posible to delete softbodies over time?

    deleting point by point doesnt work, because it colappses the simulation, just like i suspected vel_del_2.hip
  11. vellum - it is posible to delete softbodies over time?

    basically i need to delete vellum geometry outside the frustrum so it can simulate faster excluding the pieces outside the frame
  12. vellum - it is posible to delete softbodies over time?

    the situation is this... where i wonder which step follows from this point, to delete geometry outside the frustrum, but inside vellum vel_del.hip
  13. just wondering if its posible to delete vellum soft bodies over time, i kinda suspect that when you delete geometry before creating the solid object, will explode or collapse, due the geometry changing, and when you delete parts of the solid object is even worse, so, could it be posible in any way?
  14. rotating eyes without gimbal lock kinda problem?

    the answer to this was: the snapping is because it is being multiplied by 0 for a short period , so that causes a blank space where noise is not there, but at first glance you could think it is because the axis shouldnt be controled like that, and this is kinda the reason, but it can be a disipated a lot with diferent angle values.