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  1. geometry matrix rotations to pops

    Whassap, i need to translate this vex code from geometry context to pops context, what i know is that the data stream coming from pops all starts invoking orient, but how do you apply this code in pops? matrix3 current_xform = primintrinsic(0, "transform", @ptnum); matrix3 goal_xform = maketransform(normalize(v@v), chv("up")); matrix3 delta_xform = invert(current_xform) * goal_xform; vector4 qdelta = quaternion(delta_xform); vector torque = qconvert(qdelta); v@targetw = torque; f@spinresist = 2.2;
  2. flock systems collisions and rotations

    done! i had to build it from zero
  3. flock systems collisions and rotations

    at this point i have this but it is not armonic and smooth as the other guy, i have chaos at the moment and i want this ............. avm_crowd_1.mp4
  4. flock systems collisions and rotations

  5. Kohuei Nakama's Effect

  6. flock systems collisions and rotations

    nah, i cant get the armonic pattern in movement he is getting, my tests are more chaotic, one thing i notice is that some people is using: vector cohesion += targetPosition; and it depends on the method; the built in tools "steer nodes" cant do the very delicate and cordinated movement of a fish crowd
  7. flock systems collisions and rotations

    thanks, i did many test with those nodess, and i thought those were a black boxes, pop obstacle did nothing for me, but i found another way, is basically the same logic of those nodes, i cant get yet the result of my first example but i have now a clear idea on how to achieve it, thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. lenght2() what is it doing?

    https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/length2.html i just wanna know exacty what this function does and in which cases you can use it
  9. flock systems collisions and rotations

    that example seems like it is based on pop magnets, the thing here is that, the example i provide, seems like each agent is really aplying a turn around function, is very "delicate" in the movement
  10. flock systems collisions and rotations

    How can you do this kind of flocking? i mean, i know how to do the cohesion-separation-aligment thats not an issue ... but what i dont know is how to program collisions, so the flock system turns back very smoothly in the edges, and the process to avoid obstacles in that very smooth way, how can you do it?
  11. which is the variable name of indirect reflect? that, i need to know whats the name of the indirect reflect because i need to apply a filter just to that render plane, do you know which is the name of the variable?
  12. PI based force rotations.

    Thanks Librarian! lets see!!
  13. PI based force rotations.

    whassap, im an project where i have to change the direction of the force based in a very circular rotations, so i have this set up where the changes in force and velocity are driven just by randomnes but i want to trigger a function where rotation ocur based on radians i think, or phi, so the turning around is very round, and not sudenly having it rotated, i guess i have to turn the force by radians or smething, what do you think, here is the file. --------------> flock_yo .hip not to mention that, after that i have to figure out how to trive those force directions to rotations, i guess something with matrices
  14. is it posible to use FEM target constraints per point?

    im starting to wonder if FEM is obsolete against vellum
  15. is it posible to use FEM target constraints per point?

    i came up with a solution with target constraint, but it is not the most elegant solution, i would like to find a solution based on a "falloff" attribute like targetstiffness but an acurrate one edit: it looks strange, but dont dont look at is as... "that" ............ fem_for_od2.hip