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  1. use SOP attribute to drive POP source parameter

    nop, but what works is doing everything in sop solver, ignoring $SF and simulation stuff vars, just doing things with $F,
  2. something that likes to swim

  3. apply relationship challenging setup

    now that i think about this, sesi should not release .5 versions, they are not needed
  4. apply relationship challenging setup

    almost done!
  5. RBD Chains?

    i cant believe this topic.
  6. apply relationship challenging setup

    lets start doing this!!!!
  7. interesting but what do you think about networks where you need all nodes influencing other nodes, i mean apply rel works in all posible directions of influence, but what about constraint networks on that aspect?
  8. optix denoiser options??

    just wondering, where can i see the options of the optix denoiser? in the textport? or where? also i cant find what options gives in the nvidia page and the help in the docs isnt enough clear on how to chose the gpu device
  9. pulling very heavy stuff with vellum???

    wassap, im in the scenery where i have to simulate the pulling or draging of some very heavy stuff with chains, the thing is, exacty how do you constrain a vellum wire with a rbd object on each side with many objects? what i need to do is something like this, but with more than 1 object...
  10. custom velocity houdini 17

  11. dop custom velocity in H17

    i dunno if i not getting how is working custom vels in H17, im volume rasterizing both sources, dens and vel, with 2 sources, and i dont know what else i need here, but im not getting an entire control of v with custom vels, the only way is coping V in volume source, but thats not what i want, i want to add the vel with fidelity so it let the proper advection to work... so whats the thing in H17 with custom vels? file is here ------> part.hip
  12. Wip: Neurons :)

    Something im working on
  13. Behind the wall...

    thanks yes you are right, yes i thought in a night setup could be scary, but that idea came to my mind after
  14. Behind the wall...

    a shot i recently finished for a personal project
  15. Behind the wall...

    hahahahah yes you are right
  16. Wip: Neurons :)

  17. optix denoiser options??

    btw what i mean by options is some aditional comand, because by default houdini sets an "-albedo basecolor" option, i ve seen that clarisse renderer have some manual options like -strenght, but i cant find what options houdini implementations gives to the user
  18. infection system by connectivity

    whassap, today i am on intersting quest, i have to make a variation of a pcloud infection system, but it has to fullfill an interesting condition, has to be per class, i mean, each node gets infected only if a neighbour belongs to another set of conected nodes and that set or class must have all their nodes infected, and a set or class could be a piece of fracture... do you know if there is something like this out there? if not, i will write that code
  19. Wip: Neurons :)

  20. Flip stick on surface per object

    thanks, what i did at the end is a flip with a sop solver chasing a pcloud
  21. gas stick on collision strange behaviors....

    this is the situation, whats the correct way to make this sticky field to work? sticky_for_od.hip
  22. gas stick on collision strange behaviors....

    wassap... im having some troubles with this feature, im colliding a flip with a fractured gemoetry, and im using stick on collision, but if the particle separation is less than .01, like .005 the flip gets atrracted to the whole geometry ignoring collisions at all, i guess i can fix this with the control field where you can decide what is sticky and what is not, but how do you set up this control field? what i have done is: create a sticky float volume field with values of 1 and 0 with rasterize volume from attributes... ( is this right?) and reference that field in the control field, but it isnt working, so, what considerantions are needed to make this control field to work? btw, i have to say that im using bullet style and a RBD object, the fractured geometry is acting as static collision object, it a simulated cache bgeo
  23. Flip stick on surface per object

    ahhhh i need this!!! but where is the topic? it isnt anymore??