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  1. Wip: Neurons :)

  2. Wip: Neurons :)

    another render of neurons

    you are very wrong, noises are keeping alive vops, a lot of people, including me preffer noises on vops, not to mention that shaders will keep vops on the horizon
  4. Venom!

    lets see what he comes with!! ill start doing some tests...
  5. Moana water effects [help please]

    the core of that is not really a fluid, is just the the shaders, but with some little fluid in the tip, and in other cases the directions of a rigged blobby surface are added to some of the fluid tips
  6. Wip: Neurons :)

    ahhh... this forum desaturates images...
  7. Wip: Neurons :)

  8. incident ray in sops?

    yes done
  9. incident ray in sops?

    how do you get the incident ray in sops? i mean, if you want the vector but in sops, is the camera position substracted to your objetive?
  10. CHOPs, VEX and the future of chops in Houdini

    great topic, and i think we should keep wondering a way for this, cause could be useful
  11. deleting item from array in the same iteration?

    aaaaaahhhh solveeed!!! now i understand why, when removevalue is executed, the array updates inmediatelly, and the next iteration, jumps any elements. but it is logic if i think about it...
  12. just wanna know how can be deleted an item from an array in the same iteration, this doesnt work. int miarray[] = {1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10}; foreach(int i; miarray) { if(somecondition == 0){ pop(miarray,i); } } since aparently you cant reference the array itself from inside... how do you delete an index in the same iteration?
  13. deleting item from array in the same iteration?

    i[]@miarray = {33,16,21,88,90}; i@length = len(@miarray); for(int h=0; h<@length; h++){ i@remover = @miarray[h]; removevalue(@miarray,@remover); } ahhhh now i found the real question... why this doesnt remove everything in array? it just leaves 2 items, is not removing everything but.. whhhhhhyyyy!!! it doesn make senseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. deleting item from array in the same iteration?

    ah the only thing that works is in for() and with removevalue... think it is because foreach cant update the array lenght per iteration??? this works: int myarray[] = {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13}; int myarrlen = len(myarray); for(int i=0; i<myarrlen;i++){ if(i%2==0){ removevalue(myarray,i); } } but should be a way to delete an item inside the same foreach somehow, but how?

    yes it looks cool
  16. Wip: Neurons :)

    i did it but latelly you need a lot of samples for noise-less dof and sss, in animation it will be a long render... so im thinking on strong velvet look, like a peach fresnel based shading is also an interesting
  17. #odforce@freenode

    why not a simple group in FB? developers, even in houdini tends to be so alternative
  18. C++ Effects Programming ?

    i forgot to mention, if something should be improved on my opinion is Mantra, sesi is improving even polygonal modeling but what about rendering? im sure that mantra can be faster and less noisy, and more "one click" solution at the same time it is focused for shader developers, we shouldnt relly on redshift, mantra should be enough fast by now... i mean we are in 2018, render sampling shoudnt be an issue never more.
  19. C++ Effects Programming ?

    very very interesting topic, for real!! but how in the world you dare to say: "simple vex" you are very very wrong, you are lost in the pacific ocean, vex is powerfull, vex is fine, we dont really need object oriented programing here, but.... that is the million dollar question, why not vfx in c++? you could be at higher level in the "food chain" thinking in c++ for vfx, surelly you need to speak the language of open gl, and such, like a video game programer ...
  20. Can someone please help me with this fire effect in houdini

    looks interesting
  21. ¿ how do you use: vector ptransform(string tospace, vector vec) ?

    interesting!!! thanks a lot!!!
  22. just wondering how do you use ptransform(vector vec, matrix transform) on which context operates, and in which cases is it usefull? and by the way, what does it mean: "space:ndc" Normal Device Coordinate space. ?
  23. ¿ how do you use: vector ptransform(string tospace, vector vec) ?

    interesting, and what is the diference between local space and world space?, i thought it was like local vs global transforms, like, vectors considering a 0 cordinates based on the entire world, and local considering something like 0 cordinate on geometry center but that doesnt work
  24. Meteor fx

    but whats the problem? seems like you are aplying high velocity, i dunno if what you want is more substeps? increase it. personally i would say that you dont need smoke on that simulation.