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  1. chops randomized shift and stretch, how to?

    interesting, your solution works without the need of iterate in foreach
  2. whassup? how are you, well i have this question, how do you randomize shift and stretch in a colection of channels??? i have an stretch and shift in a foreach, but i cant get what i want to achieve is something like this: here is the file where i want to aproach that: -----------------> question.hip
  3. chops randomized shift and stretch, how to?

    thanks a lot also i found a way to do it with noise
  4. Motion graphics project with source files

    thanks interesting file
  5. Snow terrain (mantra shading and render)

    20 mins per frame? in mantra? or red shift? nah, thats insane!!! not worth it, i really think that sesi should work more on the shaders department, subsurface and indirect lighting needs to be faster and cleaner, even with the clean sampling workflows you shouldnt end with a 20 min render...
  6. Spyrogif

    which program do you use to export gifs with such high quality?
  7. Caskal Learning Thread

    esto es inspirador Caskal
  8. Simulating Plant Life: Approaching realism

    going well the only thing i blame to sesi developers is noise in subsurface, is the hardest to remove, they should fix that asap
  9. just wanna know exactly which parameters are affected by Unit Mass & Unit Lenght in dops? just mass or also constraints relationships breaking behavior and drag forces?
  10. hi, whatsup, yesterday some people from vanarts came to my city to promote their school and they talked about their services, it was not strange to me that they have some people teaching houdini, and i know we have here those people teaching houdini there, so, who is teaching houdini in vanarts from here?
  11. ucav RA-EXCR-001

    whats up guys, im in a project where im doing some spaceship stuff..
  12. Please allow me...

    i dont know what the hell are you talking about, but i will hijack this thread and ask.... sesi needs to fix indirect illumination and second bounces in mantra, fix render times and noise
  13. Anyone here dabbling in cryptocurrencies?

    i do, but this sounds very elitist and pedantic, i would quote stephen hawkins phrase about people bragging about IQs here, but i wont. i dont take bitcoin investment as my only income, ive seen great winners and great loses aswell, get in with your money only when you know what are you doing.
  14. classic retro grid 80s sci fi: best approach

    hahahaha totally forgot to put mate on it, and with a chrome text ------> retro.hip
  15. classic retro grid 80s sci fi: best approach

    there ya go: ----> retro.hip
  16. Patronus Charm Effect

    is very situational, i have on schedule to do something like this, too
  17. Creating a skinn shader using Houdini 16.5

    the real question here is, how do you render SSS skin in a decent render times
  18. recently i saw a lot of people in FB wearing houdini cloth related to the last event in sigraph, and i would like to get t shirts like that. i think that sidefx should have an online store where they could sell t shirts and cloth related to their events and related to houdini im sure that they will have a lot of customers here
  19. Houdini cloth, where? (i mean real cloth)

    great where is it?
  20. Leaf Shader - How to get realistic translucency?

    PBR difuse has the option to create translucency
  21. Explosion effect with particles

    i will you show you how its made
  22. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    1.- A BETTER DOCUMENTATION have you seen the new docs? some nodes only have 2 poor lines of explanation. 2.- FAST INDIRECT ILLUMINATION WITHOUT NOISE the great weakness of houdini is not organic modeling neither animation, the great weakness of houdini is rendering second bounces and indirect illumination, we shouldnt go to redshift for a decent FAST render WITHOUT noise
  23. Controlled FLIP tornado (whirlpool)

    there you go!! this will help you tornado_v01.hip this also will help you flip_parting_the_water.hip