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  1. PI based force rotations.

    Thanks Librarian! lets see!!
  2. PI based force rotations.

    whassap, im an project where i have to change the direction of the force based in a very circular rotations, so i have this set up where the changes in force and velocity are driven just by randomnes but i want to trigger a function where rotation ocur based on radians i think, or phi, so the turning around is very round, and not sudenly having it rotated, i guess i have to turn the force by radians or smething, what do you think, here is the file. --------------> flock_yo .hip not to mention that, after that i have to figure out how to trive those force directions to rotations, i guess something with matrices
  3. is it posible to use FEM target constraints per point?

    im starting to wonder if FEM is obsolete against vellum
  4. is it posible to use FEM target constraints per point?

    i came up with a solution with target constraint, but it is not the most elegant solution, i would like to find a solution based on a "falloff" attribute like targetstiffness but an acurrate one edit: it looks strange, but dont dont look at is as... "that" ............ fem_for_od2.hip
  5. is it posible to use FEM target constraints per point?

    the situation is this: basically "targetstiffness" doesnt work at all, even if you have very high value, the only thing that works is fem target constraint, but it doesnt have a per point attribute, is just a boolean, yes or no, and i want to set up a falloff -----------> fem_for_od .hip
  6. is it posible to use FEM target constraints per point? i dont even know if this is deprecated by vellum workflows, but assuming it isnt, im talking about this node. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/dop/targetconstraint.html is it posible to define a float values that determines the strenght of the soft target? using "stiffness" as variable doesnt work, and there is just a targetP attribute vector that doesnt help on this and "targetstiffness" is not very acurate, even if you have such a big numbers like 1000000000 it doesnt follow your target very preciselly
  7. bullet + flock = trembling HELP!!

  8. bullet + flock = trembling HELP!!

    another little thing, how could you keep the up vector point to global 0,1, 0 ? much like a fish crowd?
  9. bullet + flock = trembling HELP!!

    thanks a lot!! basically you fixed it!
  10. bullet + flock = trembling HELP!!

    thanks a lot, it just keeps spining around, think the local z axis request causes this, letme see
  11. bullet + flock = trembling HELP!!

    seems like qconvert only acepts matrix 4 to convert to a matrix 3, do you think it is necesary? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/qconvert.html on the other hand, looks like applying local z to a force just spins each particle faster each frame
  12. bullet + flock = trembling HELP!!

    thanks for the help, ill try it and coment my result haha
  13. bullet + flock = trembling HELP!!

    thanks you a lot for help, ill try it
  14. bullet + flock = trembling HELP!!

    whassap dudes, i come here with this new issue, i have this bullet setup where i have some noise, and a flock system, the thing is, i have here a system where im changing all the time the rotation with this vex expression: matrix3 mtx = dihedral({0,0,1}, normalize(@v)); setprimintrinsic(0, "transform", @ptnum, mtx); this transforms each packed particle so it always keeps the z axis in front, and this is cool, but the problem is that some particles are trembling while they are rotating, is like a small flickering in some particles, and i want it to interpolate rotations in a smoother way, maybe flock force is interfering with the rotations? how can this be fixxed? i want a smooth rotation interpolation. the trembling is subtle, but it is there, when particles are rotating. HEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP!! flock_odforce.hip
  15. flock system + goals

    im looking to do something like this, whch aproach you would follow to acomplish this kind of behavior??? just like the video.