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  1. Fulltime FX TD - Storm Studios

    could it be at distance?
  2. exactly how does argsort() evaluate?

    ah i just got it, its "pointing" at the position, rather than mirroring it.
  3. exactly how does argsort() evaluate?

    exactly how does argsort() evaluate? the help says that it can take an array of any class type, but it seems that it only takes integers and the enumeration does not always occur as expected. argsort.hip
  4. weighted quads or circles into a shape.

    ah! found it
  5. whats the algorithm to do something like this, that effect where cubes or circles fits a fixed area while they are rescaled by the weight of each element? have u seen it? more than anything is the fact that every element fits weights to be proportional to the whole shape.
  6. parametric old ceramic

    hahaah i just remember that the rbd material does the same thing hahahahahahahahah but in a rounded object case i will look into it in a spare time
  7. parametric old ceramic

    this is an start break.hip
  8. parametric old ceramic

    it all depends on which are your goals, if you just want to do the look, use that same texture as displacement, if you want a breakable surface, you should go for those city patterns out there and extrude it, ill do an example
  9. just do the tests... i guess is almost the same. combined emission should be the source plus lit surfaces, direct + indirect sounds like is almost the same, is just matter of testing which pass serves better your compositing goals and the look you are looking for
  10. Arturo Valle's Artwork

  11. Arturo Valle's Artwork

  12. Arturo Valle's Artwork

  13. Arturo Valle's Artwork

  14. Arturo Valle's Artwork

  15. Arturo Valle's Artwork

  16. Arturo Valle's Artwork

  17. Arturo Valle's Artwork

  18. HELP! animated rest lenght from outside not working

    found the answer, the dynamic value needs to be pased with all the family of other attributes in the constraints if the vellum object is going to read the source.
  19. help! i really don't know why this doesn't work, i have some curves that are going to grow through time, and they have to pass through vellum to be dynamic, then when i pass the rest lenght size from outside, it grows but it starts to ignore the forces, , why is iiiiiiiiiiiiit? restlenght.hip
  20. hi, im trying to aproach a look like these images, but with no luck, im using cloud fx tools in some scattered points, but i get very coarse features and rough details, im not getting that smooth look like the images below...
  21. That, and if so, what experiences could you tell us about a project like that? From lake, maritime and underwater scenarios, when you get down to work, what did it really mean to work on those movies and do projects like that where the whole range of work that these movies involve is imply.
  22. an internal reflection glance

    wassap, while the internal reflection is present in the default principled shader, in mantra is not very practical as is, because your scene can change a lot, by a lot of variants.... in redshift it doesnt even work by default, could be interesting to know how to activate it, and override it, and this is the same thing i will do in mantra, because, in a practical project, you cant adapt the whole scene to fit a physical property, maybe, hacking the incident ray? or you would like to adjust your scenne to fit always the needed angles? refr_for_od.hip <- redshift refr_mantra_for_od.hip
  23. "Depths"

    wassap! an artwork i just finished