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  1. So, where do the most realistic trees grow?

    its almost as if sidefx should have a side venture and sell HDA packages for things like trees, plants, nature etc....
  2. ipad as osc controller, touchdesigner chop to houdini chop or chan.
  3. Any TouchDesigner users?

    TD and Houdini user here. Been using it on set for VFX. Pretty cool software and Derivative are a great bunch of guys.
  4. Random link of interest

    All houdini / mantra
  5. High pass filter in COPs

    Divide the original with a blurred version, then mulitply your result with the original. A basic sharpen filter is just a highpass multed with the original.
  6. All very .Hip Hope you'll enjoyi it.
  7. pixel filter problem

    Hi, Try un-premuliting both renders, then add the two alpha's together, copy the new alpha in rgb and premult. The problem arises from both pixel edges being anti-aliased against black. You need to make sure the overlapping area has an alpha of 1.0 and not some filtered value. I believe Nuke's disjoint-over does this.
  8. Flowbox project 

    This could be interesting. As a Nuke and Houdini user, I'm also an avid user of Pure Data, reaktor and Touch Desginer for more DSP and realtime like stuff. Is this a marked you guys perhaps might venture into ? Or with Flowbox FX stricktly aimed at offline image processing ?
  9. Houdini 13 Released!

    Interesting, I think the pyro solver is much better looking than fume. Both for sim quality and render quality. Especially if you couple it with PBR. Fume has that meh blobby flame look to it.
  10. Houdini 13 Sneak Peek #3

  11. Nuke Deep Compositing

    edit; never mind , got it working now on linux, f12 h12.0.606 n6.3v5. Thanks SYmek!
  12. Nuke Deep Compositing

    Thank you! I think you'll get quite a lot of response on the nuke list if there's a compiled windows version Hint hint Good work, and thanks for making it open source.
  13. New autodesk product features announced...

    I have to agree with everyone too, as a max user since, well before max (3ds r4) I left the product behind last year in favour of Houdini. I love it, and I'm here to stay -theo
  14. XYZ As Rgb in Cop from PointCloud.

    Hi Symek, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I've seend the example but I keep getting errors, so I'm not sure whats wrong with it/me Basically its a particle system with px/py/pz and id attributes in a pcloud. (doesnt have to be, I just thought that it was easier with a particle system rendered out as apcloud) The total particle index is the number of pixels needed to be written to sceen space, and every pixel has RGB mapped from px,py,pz. So basically you end up with a noisy looking image consiting of point data. But I don't want to limit it to just P, maybe add a velocty layer etc later. I basically want to use houdini simulations to drive fusion particles in comp, and the comp side of things I have covered as Ive done something "similar" before. I hope It made more sense this time -theo
  15. Hi Houdini peeps, I've given up on autodesk and 3dsmax after 10 years of using it, and finally embracing Houdini. Being fairly new to it Im trying to create a vex operator in vops that lets me read a pointcloud file, and outputs the position data (P) for each point and plots it as a pixel in a vex cop generator. So for each pixel the index of the pcloud iterates thru one point. Im guessing I need a if statement for the X coordinate of the image that if x<width then y+1 sort of speak. I can't find many examples on vex cops and point clouds, and the ones I have doesn't seem to work. (atleast not for me) Does this make any sense? As said, Im not sure what functions to use as Im new to Houdini and vex/vops and would really appreciate some tips/pointers. Thanks! -theo