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  1. help! this project just crash houdini

    how did you get h12.
  2. this scene just crash my houdini 11.1.143. 1.open the envdesign.hip 2.select the 'skydoom node' from '/obj' then assign the 'skydoom material' from '/shop' to it. And it will crash houdini. at the first I thought it was the texture what cause it crash.But when i change the texture. it still crash. I debuging for days and can find out what's happening. my meachine: CPU: core2 x9100. videocard:quadro fx 770m. memory: 6GB. OS:windows7 x64bit. when it crash my houdini and i check the memory usuage. it only use 290MB. so memory may not be the issue. but it gave me this message anyway: envdesign - Copy2.zip
  3. Tornado R&D

    it would be more controlable if you using particle to control tornado's motion. the particle is much faster than fluid for visualizing the motion of the tornado. when the motion and the speed is satisfy. send the particle directly to dop. add vortex force and gas dissipate microsolver to it. and pretty much done.