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  1. Dell Precision M6500 laptop and win7

    I have the M6500 laptop with Windows 7 and use Houdini but not renderman. The program runs well but one factor you may want to consider is the latop has a serious design flaw (for me). The laptop has very sharp corners and because of the way the keyboard is positioned (not in center because it has a 10 key pad in addition to QWERTY) your left wrist hits the sharp corner and over time it is really annoying to be stabbed by your laptop... after paying almost $6K! I urge you to look at this carefully before buying. Good luck.
  2. HOT Install 10.0.465

    I am having the same issue as Cyndre... I have successfully used the Ocean Toolkit under Win Vista 64 in Houdini version 10.0.374 but now with a new system using Windows 7 and Version Houdini 465 I can not get it to work. I have downloaded new win 64 zip file for the Houdini version and edited the HOUDINI_PATH and the Path environment variables to point to the folder with no results. The Ocean SOP is not there. Example files load but the Ocean SOP does not appear. I would really appreciate any thoughts and help getting HOT to work in this configuration. Thanks....