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  1. Laughing Pumpkin

    Saw this on your channel .. I love the glowing smoke effect. Nice one.
  2. Spraycan

    Thanks Gui. cheers.
  3. Spraycan

    Hi all, I hope you like my latest project. 100% Houdini. Mark
  4. If you fire off a render (with the movie icon, above the time controls, bottom-left corner of the main window), then fire off another render, both images will render (in parallel) in sequential Mplay scenes. Obviously makes the machine chug a bit, but you can make a cup of tea while a few camera angles render
  5. Ubuntu 8.04 anyone?

    i turned the desktop effects to minimum to make houdini work. they were on medium or high by default. ATI card.
  6. a shader each day

    one a day is a good idea you might want to search for some siggraph PDF docs on renderman shaders, theres one with a mango and (i think) banana shader which seem to convert ok.
  7. rays

    lovely! would be great to see them move and also get some insight into how you did it =)
  8. well i found it a good read, thanks. reminds me of The Animators Survival Guide ... nice book
  9. Classics in Lego

    very creative and a remarkable resemblance to the originals, thanks for the link
  10. i think a lot of people still consider Houdini = POPS
  11. Happy birthday...

    Marc.. even if your name is spelled wrong.. happy birthday :thumbsup:
  12. Camel project

    great job. glad you finished it off.
  13. Mark's toons

    thank you the shaders are nothing special - just a basic VOP network using VEX specular VOP.. low specular to get that matte effect. i rendered both a GI (PBR) and sun only pass and increased the colour saturation on each, before compositing them together. the wren pass is what really brings out the effect. if i find out wren doesn't animate well then i guess i am in trouble.
  14. Ati X1950 And Houdini

    I have the same card. in XP (32 bit, not sure about 64) houdini does the thing you mentioned. if you search the sidefx.com forums for 'ATI' you will see a thread and it says which version to revert to.. the version from about mid-2007 works well for houdini (not so great for newer games ) for me it worked perfectly in vista with latest ATI drivers.. i thought yay problem solved... but then next time i tried it houdini wouldnt run grrr. i hope to solve that still. reverting to the older ATI drivers or dual booting to linux (not suse 10.3) is all i can suggest.
  15. Spray Cans

    yes increase the sampling rate in the sampling tab of the ROP. 24 or 32 seems good.