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  1. Does Houdini apprentice allow any 3rd party renderers?? Can we use Houdini apprentice to output the rib?
  2. light on animation

    if any one could share a scene file it would b so cool.I tried to the default set of motion effects.I dont want to key frame it.Is there any thing procedural way to do this
  3. Hi I want to have an effect where a light when turned on,blinks for a while and turns on completely after a bit. CHOP net and light intensity parameter? Any scene files would be great for me to learn?
  4. SOLVED: added connectivity and partition and a foreach and added texture nodes with this butterfly`$CLASS%7+1`.pic
  5. Hi tomas,can we apply the same technique to this file before. Here i have a simple domino effect. I tried to apply foreach and add textures to each box.But some reason it dint work. is there any other method to achieve the above effect. would be great if you could provide a solution.cheers b1.hipnc
  6. cool, i assigned map attrib for other faces as well. thank you :)
  7. thank u very much Tomas edit: having one more question why the textures on sides are distorted any fix for that?
  8. would be great if someone could correct my setup cheers
  9. Humm not yet.. Dont know whats wrong with my setup two_textures_o2.hip
  10. hi yes.thats what I am trying for..
  11. aah and is there a way to apply this concept to be applied for the image sequnce
  12. hi Martin, could you tell me where the images are pointed.I see that there is only one texture map,but in the render the result looks ok for one box.. and also how to make this work if there a copies of box.i want to have each random textures as an image sequence applied to front and back side of the boxestwo_textures_o1.hip