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  1. I agree with Twan. He should optimize memory better
  2. SESI support answer : We've seen in the past where the Completed Jobs table in the JOB's web page can slow down the server if there are too many finished jobs. Try cleaning out that table by deleting any finished jobs. One way you could do this outside of the web interface is through the HQueue server configuration file. Open hqserver.ini and set the `hqserver.expireJobsDays` key to a smaller number like 3. Then restart the HQueue Server service and wait as the system cleans out jobs that haven't been active for more than 3 days. The cleanup process may take several minutes depending on the number of jobs that get deleted. Other tips/tricks to help debug: - Clear out any client and server errors that appear on the web interface's JOBS page. - Reduce the number of web browsers that are currently viewing the HQueue web interface.
  3. Never tried it with presets but It should work to use HSITE.
  4. Why not Sublime ? It works great on OS X.
  5. Would the Sub-pixel output option (in mantra) be useful ?
  6. Create a subnet. In your subnet just create 2 nulls IN and OUT (just gonna be easier to deal with). In the Basic tab of Operator Type Properties make your subnet an editable node. Then you can have a button to call a script in the python module to create and insert whatever node you want. You just need createInputNode() and setInput(). Or in your case, using a connected node you could fire the python module script using On Input Change. get the operator type, then create it, input it. should work.
  7. I've been copy pasting from notepad since a few years now. You'll get use to it
  8. Try that : instancing.hip I guess it's what you want to do. An instancer with some python to define the logic and create points, and objects used for instancing. Up to you to define the logic... edit : for the pieces you can have .obj on your drive and use a file to read from there Remember also that the detail view is very very usefull when working with attributes.
  9. Just tried with an apprentice version and it works. Maybe in the Mantra node, Properties / Output / Output Picture, try to specify a file to output to instead of "ip" (ip just render the image in mplay but doesn't save it). edit : in hkey(License Administrator) check if you have a mantra token installed
  10. It works fine with color assign to primitive. Warning doesn't matter. If you render it with a constant shader (what I did in the file) you don't need any light. I'm not sure why it's not working for you. Do not try to render it in the Render view as render view is raytracing and Uv render dones't work with raytracing. Just press the render button on the mantra node or the ropnet.
  11. ben


    That's great! Thank you very much for sharing.
  12. ben

    eetu's lab

    Very inspiring, as usual. Thank you so much for sharing it all, and thanks for the book reference.
  13. If you want to export all your objects at once (but keep them as differents objects) : Bundles. You can directly create the bundle you need In FBX Export Otion panel, using the operator chooser. To export multiple objects as different files. I usually create a bunch of rop output by script.
  14. Ahah! Welcome to the Force then !
  15. Try that : http://schnellhammer.net/blog/2010/06/uniform-scattering-in-houdini/
  16. you want to use a modulo even % 2 = 0 odd % 2 = 1
  17. "quite lovable when you get to know her" So Houdini is a she ? God, That explain a lot !
  18. Just drag your parameter to the viewport. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/basics/hud_sliders But no, you can't have buttons, only sliders.
  19. I can't say much either, but Ubi is doing more extensive stuff than EA More seriously, there's really a growing interest (and use) for Houdini/H-Engine here.
  20. Why don't you embed your files directly in the otl ? To add your files : Edit operator type properties -> extra files Then refer to file with a opdef:/ syntax like : opdef:/Object/MyOtl?mytexture.tga
  21. I'm not sure it answers your question, but you should try instancing. For sure in this case it would be way faster than a copy sop. I'm not creating the attributes in vop, but I guess it would even a bit faster... instancing.hipnc
  22. Really great. Thanks a lot !
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