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  1. Hi fellows Houdinistas. I want to dissolve random edges on triangulated surface with even edge lengths. If I try to use a sort node to randomize + group node to create edge group there - it creates edge group with random polygons edges (all connected edges on one triangle) selected. Is there a way to select some random (not connected to each other) edges? Any way to access edge group in VEX? Houdini 15.5 here. Thanks. Mikas
  2. Press on fbx object (inside container) and in rendering>geometry tab check Render as points. Should be No Point Rendering
  3. Simple batch script iconvert

    I've modified your script a little bit to accept files with extensions wich are longer or shorter then three symbols (ex. *.tx or *.tiff)
  4. Getting Texture resolution

    I was searching for that kind of elegant solution for a while. Thank you very much for your tip.