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  1. If you love procedural setups, fractal maths, for loops, and generally just experimenting in Houdini, this is the gig for you. Short but mega fun five week project for film franchise. Time to rinse every entagma tutorial you've ever done. Ideally able to work for the London office. Apply here please: https://cinesitelondon.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=38
  2. Network editor max zoom level

    Is anyone aware of a maximum zoom level setting in the network editor? I can’t zoom in beyond a default looking node size. This one has me stumped. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks in advance.
  3. how to mantra render with no camera motion blur?

    I'm doing some custom particle trails (taking into account the camera transforms) to do some more detailed motion blur effects. This means I don't want any blur on the particles (geo or camera). However, I still need the holdout geo to have all of it's normal blurring. Anyone know if this is possible? Essentially, can you have camera blur on one object and not on another? I've tried all of the object specific render parms I can think of but no luck yet. Could just not be doing the right combination of settings. Cheers, Carl.