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  1. can anyone recommend laptops or the specs for a notebook to run Houdini on? I was looking at Toshiba Satellites, but they have ATI integrated cards...I have known Houdini having issues with ATI cards. I would appreciate some input.
  2. I was looking around some of the cool vex shaders on the site. How do I use these vfl files in houdini? How are they imported/installed in Houdini as shaders? Thanks
  3. Nuclear Fission Chain Reaction

    What you can do is set up a stream of particles moving in Y. using bounding box $BBY, setup groups for different parts of the mushroom cloud: ie. group any particle whose $BBY is greater than a normalized value or height. You can setup multiple groups corresponding to different heights of your upward particle stream. Next you can setup various attractor systems using metaballs in SOPs to control swirling motion of your plume. Apply different attractor forces to different bounding box groups (having to do with BBY values). Using an Interact POP, for example, with high charge values to really spread the particles once they pass a certain height. Next, you can also use say Winp POP to push the particles in specific directions to get swirling. It seems to boil down to combining various forces (Wind, attractors, interact) to get one final effect. Just a thought The rest boils down to endless tinkering of parameters to get the specific look.
  4. I know somewhat what a Rest Position SOP supposed to do, but can someone provide an explanation behind this SOP? How does it work? Thanks
  5. Silly Challenge no. 2

    I am a relative Houdini newbie. How about posting some hip files for these cool contraptions?