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  1. Hi, I think it is to do with the centre joint having multiple child joints because of branching - problem is this is how most fast rigs are built - getting the same issue with the mixamo rigs .... I tried lowering the bone length - didn't seem to do anything. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am using the agent collision layer sop with an agent node which is using an fbx file (from maya). Not all the bones ( I can see in Houdini) are creating collision transform markers (little blue spheres) - so I can't great collision data for these bones... How can I get all bones in the collision layer?
  3. Hi, How do I retime(time warp) an rbd object that is dynamically fractured (using the make breakable shelf tool). I have tried adding a timeblend followed by a timeshift. The timeshift has a varing animation curve (instead of $F) to vary the speed of the sim. The timeshift with interger frames on (as default) just doubles frames so that I get identicle frames instead of timestretching. If I take interger frames off I get the inbetween frames - except the geo jumps just befor the fracture. I have attached a simple setup. Is there a better way to achieve time warping with variable speed? Thanks retime_v001.hip
  4. swapping RBD geo or emitting RBD from active RBD

    Ok got this working based on the emiiting geometry help example... emitRBD_v003.hip
  5. Hi I am trying to swap a RBD with smaller RBDs dynamically. At the moment I am using a sopsolver in the dop network. But only one piece seems to become active. Any ideas why this does not work? Thanks! bulletSwap_v001.hip
  6. RBD Make Breakable - custom shatter

    OK - I kind of got it working with one piece of geo. See attached. So does anyone know why the new fragments slide around so much? The original fragments didn't slide so much.. must have missd something makebreakable_custom_v007.hip
  7. Hi, I am trying to find a way to make custom shatter patterns with the make breakable button on the rigid body tool shelf. My scene has box - which is the default make breakable dynamic object. I would like to be able to custom shape the shattering in the same way as the object custom_shatter included in the hip file. Thanks! makebreakable_custom_v001.hip
  8. eetu's lab

    Hey Eetu, Any chance of seeing a hip file for the quaddel/cancer stuff yet? Thanks! Stephen
  9. dispersion bsdf

    Hey Alex, Thank you very much! Stephen
  10. I have simple maya2014 scene of a box where I have attached different materials to different faces. I have also made corresponding sets (quicksets) of the faces in maya. How do I export the box with alembic so that I can automatically pick up these different shading groups or material quicksets in houdini. I have attached the maya scene. I have also included a houdini scene where groups are made in houdini so different faces have different materials - I would like to import the alembic from maya remove the group nodes in houdini and automatically read attributes generated from maya which will allow me to attach different materials. Is this possible? Thanks! Stephen redBlueFaces.ma redBlueFaces.hip
  11. dispersion bsdf

    Hey Alex, Great stuff - have you got a scene file you could share? Thanks!
  12. Is it possible if I have embedded OTLS in a scene to go back to reading those otls(in the same scene) from a file? What is the procedure? Thanks in advance! Stephen
  13. oops - forgot the file Thanks! Stephen objectshader.zip
  14. Hi I am using multiple delayed load objects - using procedural geometry shaders (delayed load procedurals) and I would like to use one shader with overrides for all of them. I tried using the parameter overrides on a material sop but this doesn't seem to work with geometry loaded with procedural shaders. Is there a way to do this maybe pass the parameters to the shader at the object/obj level? I tried putting .... /shop/constant "diffclr" {1,0,0} in the shop_materialpath at the geometry/obj level but I am not sure this can work or what the syntax is. I have uplaoded a file. Thanks! Stephen