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  1. whitewater and depth issue

    Hello, I've been running a shot with flip and white water, and I noticed something a bit odd in the white water Solver. It's the first time I run this sort of setup in Houdini 17.5 . Imagine a pool full of water that have the floor made by many doors, that start to open. The flip sim itself look ok. I see the whitewater solver is heavily dependent from the depth attribute, that is calculated from the vdb of the main flip sim. And that is the issue, at least to my eyes. The sdf of the filled pool looks like the shell of cube. So instead of just having depth 0 on the top of the water, it also create depth 0 at the bottom of the pool. And that seems to create issues, as my white water gets to the bottom, and then react like a foam, so the particles get together and then they start to move up, creating lots of bubbles and then arriving to the top of the fluid, and there creating massive chucks of foams. Of course I can try to work on the foam controls of the solber to make it pretty, but it would be great if I could avoid the issue at the start. Am I missing something? Is there an easy solution using what is already built in the solver by default? This is also a problem for the shading, as it complicate a lot the process of split in bubble/foam/spray caches, as I currently have foam at the bottom of the pool. I'm currently inspecting everything inside the whiteWater solver and trying to come up with a solution and a custom sdf to feed to the solver, but I'm scratching my head at the moment, so any help would be appreciated. Sorry I cannot upload anything, the shot is in production.
  2. I'm bit confused by this. Tried of simple cubes and on my asset coming from outside houdini/ It does not seem to work for me, may be I'm missing something? probably something very basic!
  3. Actually the 2nd question has been solved automatically when I found the solution for the 1st (that was much easier that I thought in my newbie mind, so even the title of thread was misleading) Thanks for the links, I'll look into it anyway, I'm sure it can be useful soon or later.
  4. sorry that was a stupid question, but I can't see how to delete the thread. I just need to set the Connectivity partition to none in the voronoi node. First embarrassing moment
  5. Hi guys, I'm relative new to houdini, so hope to ask something that make sense. I'm shattering an asset that I need then to export for the sim in maya (don't ask why, it's the pipeline here!). The geo that I load is made by many primitives. So when I shatter it with few points, I have what you see the picture. I was wondering if there is any way to create groups based on the voronoi points, so that I have only 6 pieces in this case. Given that I will export the geo based on group names, in this way it would give me only 6 meshes in maya. Also, how would you setup the explodedview node so I can see those groups and not the separate pieces? Thanks!
  6. link rotation to direction

    Hi if someone is curious, a dude in an other forum give me one solution. fan_dir_x => (vector4(0,0,1,0)*optransform("../null1"))[0] fan_dir_y => (vector4(0,0,1,0)*optransform("../null1"))[1] fan_dir_z => (vector4(0,0,1,0)*optransform("../null1"))[2] where vector4(0,0,1,0) is the reference vector that you have to rotate.
  7. link rotation to direction

    Hi I'm a new user of Houdini. I was wondering how create expression to constraint objects, in particular my problem now is that I've animate position and rotations of a null, and I'm trying to link these values in a fan force inside a dopnet node (actually an AutoDopNetwork node for pyro simulation). For the positions values it's easy, instead I don't know how convert the rotation into direction of the fan. I don't expect to find something like the constraint in Maya, but I'm really concerning how to animate a force, if everytime I'm forced to simulate for see my fan animation. thanks Alberto