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  1. I have a popforce node which I would like to fade amplitude from a value to zero over time. The expression below eases in using age. amp *= smooth(0, 1.5, @age); How can I ease out?
  2. animated Alembic switch to RBD Sim

    Look at the AnimatedObjects example in the dynamic examples section of the help documentation.
  3. How do I get the material node to read the shop_material name from the object merge.( I don't want to directly path to the same material in the material network, but get the material name from the object merge) I've been looking into prim attribute scripts and @shopmaterialpaths, but I can't seem to get this to work. Any help would be much appreciated!
  4. Scene View Message

    hou.ui.displayMessage prints messages to a ui. How do I print instructions to the scene viewer?
  5. I'm trying to wrap my mind around the usage of the Compiled block nodes. I have taken a look at the example in the documentation. But, I am still confused about what scenarios you would want to use them in? Could someone please describe when a user might use it and what the advantage is?
  6. For Each Attribute Value

    Oh. I got it You just create another begin block. Thanks!
  7. For Each Attribute Value

    As a follow up to this question how about multiple inputs into a foreach? How is that accomplished with the new block foreaches?
  8. What is the equivalent to For Each Attribute Value parameter in the new for each blocks? I haven't used foreach since they have been updated.
  9. [Solved] Texture_placement based on point cloud

    I'm interested. I took a look at the original file. But couldn't find a solution yet.
  10. Export Fractured Geometry

    There are many options fbx export, rbd_to_fbx export, sop_static_fracture_export. This question is basic enough that I suggest a quick look through the help documentation. At the top of Houdini select Help--contents--then search for what you are looking for.
  11. simple bullet sim problem

    Instead of making using your objects as rbd packed objects make them a glued object. This will create a constraint system between the packed pieces.
  12. Wire simulation, switch between keyframe and sim

    At SOPS level use a timeblend node. Set the Hold Last Frame parameter to the last frame of your animation. Then simulate your wire your wire at the held frame. There are many ways to specify when your simulation will start. The easiest being to set the Start Frame parameter on your DOP net.
  13. fireworks forming shapes

    Make the shape you want out of a curve. scatter points along the curve and emit particles from the points.
  14. RBD Fracture Geo - Retain UVs

    Preparing geo is usually the most time consuming part of destruction. A few nodes you can look into gamedev thicken, gamedev voxel mesh, or remesh. Also take a look at the solution by spencer here: Also, what changes to the geo you make you can always attribute transfer your original uvs onto.