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  1. FX Showreel Andreas Giesen

    Really like it! Nicely done
  2. Houdini Indie

    Very cool!
  3. NodeZArt - art with nodes

    Ha ha ha, this is awesome!!
  4. ApprenticeHD for festivals ?

    Yeah, that was my impression too. Here is what the faq says; Q. What sort of projects can I use Houdini Apprentice HD for? A. As long as your work is not commercial in nature (i.e., you're not making money off it), you can use Houdini Apprentice HD. It's ideal for your personal projects, demo reels, community projects, etc.
  5. Reel 2013

    Very nice work Alejandro
  6. Peter Claes Showreel 2014

    Great work as always Peter. You are a true inspiration!
  7. Houdini Engine demonstrations

  8. Vienna Symphony Orchestra

  9. Building a workstation Houdini orientated

    Hi guys. I just got a new GTX 690 at work. Apperantly they had one over :-). I will push out some tests once I got everything and running!
  10. proper height map in a shader

    Here is an old solutions that worked for me. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&p=93656&sid=b4a5605ea1e90a11881359baffff8fe2
  11. proper height map in a shader

    Hi guys. I am struggling on how to get a height map (black and white texture) to work on a grid. I add a vopsop, and in here I usually use a turbnoise and connect it to displacement. Now I am trying to use a texturenode to displace the grid, but I can´t get it to work. Here is a simple setup that I tried to do. Can´t find where I should look in the help neither... Does anybody have some ideas? Thanks, Anders texture_to_heightfield_on_grid.hipnc.hip
  12. Exporting velocity visualisation maps

    Hello. Just wanted to say that it worked!! Awsome! Thanks for the help. Anders
  13. Exporting velocity visualisation maps

    Hi Fabiano. Yes, now I remember. It wasn´t actually the streamers I wanted to extrect, but I will test if it works with the visualisation plane I want to extract. Thanks for the help!
  14. Exporting velocity visualisation maps

    Into a tga, png or jpeg. OpenGL render them? How do you mean?