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  1. remove the attribute by VEX

    They let us create attributes in vex though... twould be nice to remove them.
  2. apply boolean twice problem

    I think this is a pretty major issue with the node and it would be good to improve upon if it can be done. You can have perfectly valid geo upstream, but combining booleans gets nasty with high detail cuts. Side fx support mentioned to me that part of the issues is discussed in the boolean documentation - they discuss how detriangulation affects precision. The way I read it (correct me if I'm wrong), internally the node can have arbitrary precision to get a near perfect result, but then when detriangulation occurs, you can have an ngon with non planar faces or even becomes non manifold after points get snapped to a lower hardware precision limit. On the upstream boolean it can help to change the detriangulation options, or disable detriangulation completely. It can also help to divide and make sure you only have tris going into the downstream boolean. This is not foolproof though. I like the idea of just subtracting thin geo Noobini!
  3. Nice research paper (Wavelet Turbulence For Fluid Simulation)

    this is an old but great thread. does houdini in its current build implement the same technology to get the same results as demoed here?
  4. Voronoi - dynamic - location based fracture (WIP)

    thanks for this amazing tool. this is my first post here on odforce! after installing it from the exchange i had problems with the dops examples files. i have properly installed the otl. i get issues with jl_voronoi_fracture5 and jl_voronoi_fracture9 "this node is using an incomplete asset definition" etc... any tips on why this is happenning? im also trying to copy my voronoi fractured geometry a few times and import that into my sim. the problem is that the groups are all similar in each copy. is there a way of offsetting the integer at the end of the group names when i duplicate them?