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  1. Od Studios launch

    Good Luck !
  2. ha haa .. absolutely ! all i wd personally do practically is just ask specific questions . maybe not a real feedback but the answers could be added to that if you judge so .
  3. i Love You ! is that useful ? =}-
  4. first of all, thank you for your reply ! it was Really helpful for not wasting more of my time floating between my ignorance <-> thin documentation <-> searching on forums . i built a clean SOP_Python DA just to test "how many points has the input node to my DA" and it really worked . min and max integer values are updating correctly with the help of 'clear()' method . i need to find a way trigger the updating the values , but that appears to be easy trying tricks . changing defined parameters not be a limitation in houdini , imho , but anyway .. i'll post the code later since i havent yet found one on forums fully illustrated for future reference to someone like me , or even for me only . who knows where this DA will end after some time .. =} thanks again anim ! -- second - just few thoughts after this experience ; ? Why there exists a 'second-class-citizen of parameters' ? is this because of some limits of parameters defined in a DA or spareParameters have extra-special-Powers ? another open question is : where i can find a concise list of " where Spare Parameters should / should Not be used " ? this seems important and i can read about it superficially here-and-there in some docs paragraphs / forum posts .. but this is not how i do store it in my permanent brain memory . spare parms and similar exclusive houdini terms / jargon , IMHO , should be specifically Defined in some official place ! maybe im missing something simple , but all i know for sure is ; the time i consumed to solve this situation ( or similar ones ) would have been better spent producing 'nice outputs' . while i appreciate SESIs efforts to make houdini's viewport interactivity , shading and rendering more powerful and conventional i think a new ( important ) front should be open in the documentation and referencing system . this would be tremendously helpful in countless tasks everyday ; especially for generalists . if the Power of Houdini is 'hidden' in constructing Digital Assets , then building DA UIs should be simply .. SPECTACULAR . .. sounds like a rant , but sincerely it is a critique . .cheers
  5. .. additionally ( and strangely ) , when i use "append" instead of "replace" it seems to work ( a new parameter with min&max values assigned by me ; is created as it should ) ? strange
  6. hi everyone ! as title 'said' .. i cannot dynamically ( after-getting-value-from-somewhere-else ) set minValue / maxValue of a parm . it is an IntParmTemplate ; i can read, manipulate but not "replace" . after searching through forum best i could find something similar ( asked some days before ) but it applied to a parmTemplateGroup . sorry i cannot copy paste since im posting from tablet but my code is something like this : nd = hou.node( 'somepath' ) ptg = nd.parmTemplateGroup() i = ptg.find( 'myintparm' ) i.setMinValue( int( min ) ) i.setMaxValue( int( max ) ) ptg.replace( 'myintparm', i ) nd.setParmTemplateGroup( ptg ) # parms do not change !! what im doing wrong ? it sounded simple when i started to do it , .. but here i am =) ! thaks in advance
  7. PolyBevel problem

    there are already many types of solvers inside Houdini . adding a Bevel Solver , wd be easy imho .cheers
  8. PyroFx, or fumefx for a project?

    are you kiding ? your posts always help . i wish you ( / someone near to you / or even a web-bot .. ) could collect every post you have made on both houdini forums .. .. and make a book out of those . seriously . in my personal experience with this thread ; - i entered to read a thread judging from its title - i was about to leave it when the Battle Of Million$ and Hunger to Learn started the simulation .. - then .. Bip!! .. you posted your usual paragraphs .. my brain postproccesing : - i could have lost this , .. - your paragraphs are always like many have described .. " Gems " . - im not sure how many others i have left unRead .. Jeff , does it sound nice as a book title " the Usual Paragraphs " ? .. Old_School : the Usual Paragraphs book structure : > the issue : > post_1: the paragraphs > post_n: the paragraphs !! please no pictures =) .. tech-terms and some num-values should be enough for houdini users . thats my wish ! seriously . ! thank you and cheers p.s.: i would gladly contribute for free by making some book covers with Hou ..
  9. cannot see all ( saved ) sim files ..

    thank you very much , Sankar Kumar ! esp. thank you for posting on weekend , while mine wasnt such =) .. and so thats why i only could now "thank you" .. now back into ` technical ` aspect : the File_SOP gave me exactly what i wanted; it could read the .sim file format and i didnt knew that ( at least filetype filters of File_SOP `told me so` ) . before calculating the simulation i set the timeStep to ~0.3 . i wasnt sure how long the seq would be needed for me and also thought wd be better to have a 3xfinner calculated version . the problem i had was that while DOP_net was in playback mode it played a lot faster than 1/3rd . the File_SOP played it immediately the full sim as i expected . maybe thats explained in Hou_Docs .. but my rush , lack of exp. and the high-rate-compresion-of-knowledge of Hou_Docus have had for me in past .. make me Appreciate tremendously the value of houdini community . the bolded section in line above and this small suggestion below : - to add an playback_speed control on DOP_net while thats in playsim mode ( since data is there ) .. Go to SESI ! .cheers
  10. hello everyone , i have simulated and stored 350 .sim files ( ~450 Mb each ) when i switch the DOP network in sim-play-mode , only first 200 frames are displayed . not any other beyond that . - can someone suggest to me how to deal with this ? thanks in advance ! .cheers
  11. you know that you are a houdini user when...

    LOL@PostInput_0; -- for me() { when .. you start hating things that do not let you use houdini; } .cheers
  12. Houdini 15 Released

    well done ! in days like these ( each hou version release ) i rethink and feel how lucky i was to choose Hou instead of another big 3D app , when i needed the-Svvitch few years back . i have a perception also many other are / going to do the same . imho , thats a Big success SESI .. well done ! .cheers
  13. Houdini 15 Sneak Peek

    i do not think tools are missing , but something else first , IMHO .. { i havent tried rigging , but just i have consumed small sessions in setting up tiny rigs .. and then stepped back from 'lack of spiritual support in youtube' =P ( so my comment might sound irrelevant to pro-riggers or sidefx people @industry_level , but anyway here is mine as an individual one .. ) when i see what i can model with Hou because of what nodes it offers me , i 'believe' that rigging and CA powers are at the same level . but for me personally , in reality , the lack of 'encouraging video materials' is what is keeping away from playing in CHOP_Land ( where i believe rigging engines run ) . id suggest sidefx people to slowly but gradually record and upload small dissected videos demonstrating _basic-how-to_ in CA context . ( they have done it for other contexts and i like those ) the tools ( CHOP_nodes ) are installed with houdini , the performance is increasing with each release , people know its power .. so IMHO it is a pitty to not expose such a power to those who already are using Hou . i know nothing about "what make big studios / pro-riggers to change their main CA tools" , but more considerations will occur once they see what people are able to do with Hou . why things look so easy with blender ?! also less anti-arguments will be heard , i belive . for me ; the first move in this direction should be made from _sidefx_people_ . later im sure , more in-depth commercial/free tutorials will appear for those who want to _know-more_ . } so some appear_to_be_missing_tools , will appear by variations of custom made tools .. the more of them ( experience / implemetation methods ) , the better for sesi , the better for all Hou_users without any doubt . and so sidefx people will be in a better position to decide how to fit already existing chop_nodes or even better .. implement new_better_ones . .cheers -- p.s. : before using Hou i was using LightWave , so im not affraid of Hou =}-
  14. Houdini 15 Sneak Peek

    ⱾḦɻꞀ !! UI got some love too .. congratulations to everyone involved ! amazing ! .cheers