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  1. Well... These past... mmm 20 days or so have been bumpy!!! Lot's of stuff happening!!! And... one hard reboot that made me lost my changes in the file (yeap, forgot to save ), an error in rendering that cost me 4 days or more and so on... But here it is, the second part on the "Importance of the emitter before DOP's" Hope you guys like it and that it is useful... next time (I'll save and...) I'll try to take some screenshots of Ramps/custom values... makes sense, right? The next video in this series will be about the Noise tab... BUT... my next video will probably be about something else I've been trying to do Cheers!
  2. Ok Stig! I never got around to check it, but eetu has replied and tweaked it! All the best! Cheers
  3. Hi Stig! I'm going to try and look at it now... anyway, regarding your second question of the settings for trails... I haven't checked the file yet so I'm just asking... have you set up any motion Blur on your fluid source? I don't know if you have seen Peter Quint videos on Smoke in H12 (these setting apply, as far as I know...) Check this one, around 9 or 10 minutes into it https://vimeo.com/38288672 Cheers!
  4. Hi Stig! I'm not able to test it right now but can do it later on... however if I'm not mistaken, you can/used to be able to select emit from points... if not, trick it give it some geo to emit from and then replace the object (path and/or real object) by your points... I'll try to do it later if I can to show you! Cheers!
  5. Hi Stig! What I usually do in that case is to feed my chunks into a forEach and inside it using a point SOP give my points the centroid() as position... then I just fuse all together! Another thing you can try (but IMO it will not be the exact middle of the points) is to get from a dopimport just the points, write them out (write out also from the forEach to save time ) and use them to emit smoke... Hope it helps! Cheers
  6. Hi all! This is a small video that I did concerning what I learned while (trying) to do my Volcano... it is "basic/noobish" but I think it is useful... at least for me it serves as a "diary" of sorts... I do intend to dive deeper, as I learn/do more! For now, this one concerns the importance that your emission geometry has in the final look of your sim... so instead of rushing into DOP's, taking care of your geo is the way to go Cheers!
  7. Free Masterclass with example files + code

    Thanks man!!!
  8. Volcano

    Hi Martin! Of course I want feedback man! Always and as hard has it needs to be! I see your points and agree with them! The only bit that I wish to clarify/explain (but you're right anyway... I'm just telling you from where it came) is the smoke at the mountain edge... in a video reference I have there's a bit of smoke/dust being kicked up by the eruption... The wind to the left bit is a two-folded issue... it is a custom wind force acting on the smoke plume but is also me playing around with the speed of the plume... in Houdini, but now that you mentioned time shift and so on I just had an idea... why not slow it down in comp??? Again, this has to do with the video reference! In it the main smoke plume starts with a certain speed/power and then has it gets bigger, the main body feels slow but inside it the swirls and so on are fast... don't know if I make much sense? In the beginning I was only going to do the main smoke plume but then decided to add in extra details to make it a bit more realistic... so I added all that stuff. Looking back now (the distance is starting to kick in and your feedback helps), the secondary stuff shows that less work and thought was put into them... this is a 1 month project but yes, some stuff could have been improved! - Smoke at the base would probably be best achieved by using some particles being birthed from around the edge as the smoke plume rises but then dying out WAY sooner, instead of going all the way to the end... I don't know when I will (if) pick this project again because at the moment I'm already trying other stuff and due to HDD space constraints I need to clean it every time I start a new project... so this means having to write out a lot of bgeos the next time I pick it up... But I'm thinking about buying another HDD so I might be able to re-do it again! Thanks again for your time and feedback!
  9. Random link of interest

    Take a Psychedelic Trip through a World of Morphing Fractals by Alexandre Lehmann Complete article! http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/02/overstepping-artifacts/
  10. Hi all! Please check my Final version of the Volcano at the "Finished Work" section -> http://forums.odforce.net/topic/19568-volcano/ And stay "tuned" because more stuff is coming... soon!
  11. Volcano

    Hi all! Ok, so I'm done with my Volcano! If you want to see the steps given until this point, please check http://forums.odforce.net/topic/19175-one-effect-per-month-previous-volcano-eruption/ The video: Like I said, there's lot's of stuff that could be improved on it however I do want to move on, try some other stuff and get some distance of this project. The more distance you get the easier it is to look at things with fresher eyes, spot mistakes, think of new ways to improve and so on... and the more you learn, the more you can improve on your project! So I wouldn't be too surprised if in a certain amount of time I end up doing "Volcano 2 - The final smokedown..." Cheers!
  12. As mentioned before, here's the version with tweaked values of spray/foam/bubbles... I like the foam, but I prefer the more aggressive/extreme look of the other one!
  13. Just t say that I did a quick test (very empirical) and: * The hole in my geo was the culprit for the mismatching number of pieces! * As far as I could tell Martin's approach works really well - I tested it using the performance monitor but I couldn't really "get it"; it starts complaining that the High Res is draining more resources in DOP's BUT... if you reset the simulation and then you enter a specific value in the timeline, like say, 96 frames, the sim will cook for about 2 seconds (this is a light simulation ) and display the result. You rewind, switch to High res, enter 96 again and... zzzzap! Instant result! So, in an empiric way, I guess this works really well Now onto the real deal, instead of the tests... Here's the file with my scene and using Martin's approach! I changed the platonic to get rid of holes! lowRes_sim_V02_03.hipnc
  14. Well... your way of addressing this works and I'll test it out (as soon as I finish some renders that are taking most of my machine away ) And about the best or not... I tried using a forEach SOP, inside of which I would do the copy from points obtained at the low res sim to the High res pieces but unfortunately I have no idea how to cycle between the pieces and I had the issue (solved thanks to you) of mismatching geo... I remember something about a sideFx tutorial (the cornfield or something) where they talked about the expression to get the number of the object... something like getting the name but the using arg??? or something to only get the number... Will check it out as soon as possible... I do however (hence the "best or not") have doubts about how effective it is compared to your approach... forEachs aren't exactly fast. But everything is better than simulating all again, right? I'll try to post more as soon as I know more! Thanks for all your help! Keep your thoughts coming!