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  1. This works fine for me(H15.0.378). Relative path in opdef works fine as well. Sorry this may not solve your issue but as long as the otl is accessible from farm hosts it should work. What if you render the ifd locally? Is that still failing?
  2. whitewater - generic questions

    I believe Miles meant, there is an "else if" in vex. This works, if () {} else if {}
  3. I think you wanna use current point number(@ptnum) in removepoint() rather than match_pt since you queried p using current @name in findattribval(). RBD_breaking_glue_mod.hipnc
  4. rotating packed primitives inside dops

    Though I don't fully understand your setup, I guess you wanna use Spherical Linear Interp VOP to blend quaternion instead of Mix VOP. rbd_crowd_rotations_slerp.hipnc
  5. POP Collisions, hitnum and POP Color

    The '@' group syntax doesn't take white space. So your "@hitnum > 1" needs to be "@hitnum>1".
  6. @Npt is only available in SOP/POP context like VopSOP or PointWrangleSOP. For AttribWrangleSOP(AttribVOP), it's CVEX and you can use @numpt instead.
  7. RBD State Question

    I guess your setup is currently overriding each boulder's position every frame due to "Set Always". Try setting $ST == 0 in Activation parm of RBD State node. It'll run your expression only at first simulation time.
  8. Well, you may need to do something like, string foo = "1 2 3 4"; string fooArray[] = split($foo); int barArray[]; foreach(int i; string s; $fooArray) { barArray[i] = atoi($s); } [/CODE]
  9. You can use split() function to create arrays from string input. string foo = "foo bar"; string fooArray[] = split(foo); [/CODE]
  10. Hiding parameters in python

    Yes, you can do that using parmTemplateGroup. Something like, ptg = hou.Node.parmTemplateGroup() p = ptg.find('foo') p.hide(True) ptg.replace('foo',p) hou.Node.setParmTemplateGroup(ptg)
  11. Yes, pcunshaded() works in SOP as well. You just need to use pcexport() to have your points "shaded". sop pc_group( string file = "" ; // Name of the PC file. float radius = 1 ; int max_points = 1000 ; ) { int handle ; int r_ptnum ; newgroup( "keep" ) ; int status ; // Add this handle = pcopen(file, "P", P, radius, max_points) ; while (pcunshaded( handle, "something" )) { pcimport(handle, "point.number", r_ptnum) ; if (ptnum == 0) { addgroup( "keep", r_ptnum ) ; } status = pcexport(handle, "something", 1); // Add this } pcclose( handle ) ; }
  12. Visualizing pre-existing data

    At very bottom of Simulation tab in dopnet object, there is "Timeless" option to turn off verbose cooking. I'm not sure if it works for your data type though...
  13. Inventing A Wheel

    How about creating angular velocity using previous velocity? It's a little messy though... wheel_problem_sho.hipnc.zip
  14. Sops And Ndc?

    Well, I don't know what does "well defined" mean... But, when I used it long time ago to generate some attributes for sprite, it worked fine for me. Just one thing I remember is the "P" needs to be object space even if the object is transformed. I might be completely wrong though...
  15. Sops And Ndc?

    Hi, hoknamahn You can use toNDC() in OP context. Something like, Pndc = toNDC(camera, P); Nndc = toNDC(camera, P+N) - toNDC(camera, P); Though I'm not sure if there is VOP node, you can use InlineVOP. Cheers, Sho