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  1. Nutlet 2012 VFX Reel

    HI, I post My latest on Viemo: https://vimeo.com/53734966 I am looking for a position as FX Artist or Jr.FX TD. Here is My Web www.nutletvfx.com And my Mail: vfxinnut@gmail.com The last shot was made in 2011 by using maya fluid for tornado simulation. And others is made by using houdini and mantra. The First two shots are FLIP fliud simulation. The third, ocean rock and splash, is POP EFX. The shot "helicopter rocket and explosion" is made by using my Smoke tool. There is none fluid sim in this shot. And the idea of this tool is to render metaball as volume with pyroclastic texture. Hope you like my reel. Thanks for watching!!
  2. Houdini12 Flip Customize Resize

    here is clean HIP to show how to do this. And here is the video link to my recent Test. Resize.hip
  3. My first shot. i'v seen a few of Flip or naiad test videos about ship sail on the water. In many tests, they build a large scale fluid tank so the ship can goes farther but with lots memory cost and time waste. My goal is optimize this, i created a customize bounding box to limit the Flip and parent the bbox position with the ship. so i had a constant memory cost wherever my ship sail. lucky it works!! my ship sail on the ocean without the default volume limits.. Hip i uploaded at #4 In the next step, i'll try to use the velocity field to auto-resize the flip , so that even the ship sail with different speed and turn around, my boundingbox will still match perfect. i think i also need a minimum and maximum set when ship doesn't move or move too fast. Bad english..
  4. The best showreel

    very impressed!!
  5. Rendering metaballs as volume

    hi, do you remember the "FX TOOLS"? It will let you know how to creat heavy smoke with metaball. In SHOP ,you will find how it fix "crazy noise". key word is "metaball loop". you can learn how to setup and use it from this: http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=852&Itemid=241 hope you like it. .
  6. Arrow effect (POP) need help!

    hi everyone . sorry for my english. My friend want to creat an arrow effect useing particle system. He hope that when the arrows hit a deforming object, they will stick on it. He has created one , i upload the hip . It works ok, but still has some problem: when u play with low oversampling (value = 1), the arrow will wiggle in strange way when it hits the target . And when u play with 12 oversampling , the simulation is good but very slow. i upload a video here (oversampling =1 ). so any suggestion may help us, thank you all. download video aaa.mov download Hip v2.hip