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  1. PathBasedPaneTab ?

    Hi guys: So I happened have to look at hou.py a little bit, and it seem this PathBasedPaneTab Class like the follow class PathBasedPaneTab(PaneTab): """ hou.PathBasedPaneTab REPLACES * bookmark * pane * mousepath """ thisown = _swig_property(lambda x: x.this.own(), lambda x, v: x.this.own(v), doc='The membership flag') def __init__(self): raise AttributeError, "No constructor defined" Basically it Raise error in __init__ , any idea why ? And what exactly is this class for? thanks -ling
  2. scripting to do Mplay actions?

    Just submitted a RFE. Thanks Michael!
  3. scripting to do Mplay actions?

    Hi guys: Is there a way to do a Mplay operation, say Save current frame to disc, with script? Is that even possible? thanks in advance -ling
  4. Scripted way of some UI operations?

    found out how to do these, just put it here in case anyone needs it later... for 1: the -B flag should do it.. for 2 # maximize hou.hscript("pane -f 1 %s" % pane.name()) # set it back hou.hscript("pane -f 0 %s" % pane.name())
  5. Scripted way of some UI operations?

    Hi Guys: I am wonder how to do the following in either python or hscript: 1. Set "Render Beauty Pass Only" in the checked in the Flipbook render gui The "vieweroption" cmd seems have an arg -F, which is to set the flipbook optionis, However what are the available flipbook options can be used? Same ones in cmd "viewwrite" ? 2. Maximize current panel( bascially what the Ctrl + B shortcut does. ) Did some googling but couldn't find anythin.. figured might as well ask around here thanks a lot! -ling
  6. thanks so much fxrod! super useful info! to chip in a little bit: It's not a mantra pipeline at the place I am current working for, so fx even export "rest" point attr to go with the geo, in that case lookdev artist can use it directly to decide how the displacement on the inside face would look.
  7. python equivalent of Pause and Unpause ROP node

    ahhh.. thought there could be some built-in methods from houdini, but this should work great! thanks so much edward! -ling
  8. Hi : Normally when user run an rop output drive to write out data, user can pause and unpause the process interactively. Is there a python version of doing this? thanks so much -ling
  9. found the issue, I forgot to duplicate the input.. duplicateSource(0, context); after that all good. thanks again edward!
  10. thanks for the reply edward. it kinda worked: for (GA_AttributeDict::iterator it = gdp->getAttributeDict(GA_ATTRIB_POINT).begin(GA_SCOPE_PUBLIC); !it.atEnd(); ++it) { const GA_Attribute *attrib = it.attrib(); cout << "Point attr: " <<attrib->getName() << endl; } but it seems not getting all the point attributes? In my test case, there are a few points scattered from a cube, and then I added a custom attrib named 'id', which is the same as $PT. So ideally it should print out "P" AND "id", however, it only prints out "P" with the above code.. any idea would be really appreciated. I am in hdk 12 if this makes any difference. thanks -ling
  11. Hi guys: To get a point attribute's info, normally it's going to be like the following: gdp->findAttribute(GA_ATTRIB_POINT, attr_name); Is there an similar method to do something like: gdp->findAllAttribute(GA_ATTRIB_POINT); ? If not, what's the best way to list all the available point attributes on a point in hdk? thanks a lot! (I tried going through the old posts roughly, but seems there is no answer for this yet. Apologize in advance if I missed it ) -ling
  12. Houdini guy looking for a job

    Hi Sergei: Lovely reels! really awesome works! you mind share the water drops setup as well? really want to learn from that if possible. thank you in advance!