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  1. shade open curves in the viewport did the trick! thanks and adding the ogl parameters =) thanks.
  2. thanks, but that's actually rendering, is not OpenGL. =(
  3. following the documentation OpenGL Shaders (sidefx.com) say i can grab one parameter from spare parameter and add a "build-in" tag or i can drag and drop form the "render properties" tab. i want to viz curves using the hair opengl is what i am trying to get but, i have try it and doesnt look like that at all in the view port? is there a secret to make the object in the viewport look like the shader? how_to_opengl.hip
  4. while pointvop only run over points, is it possible for the point to find out what's the prim number belongs to, and then retrieve a attribute from the prim? i am currently making: 1) attributes in a curve 2) promoting the attributes to points 3) using those attributes, but now i have 3 loops over the geometry =( and i would like to optimize since will be a lot of curves/points, i would like to vopsop loop the point, find what's the Prim number that belongs to and retrieve the attribute from that prim. thanks guys optimize_vopsop.hip
  5. oh and i can also use `opname("../.")` to get the name of nodes above =) thanks.
  6. i remeber there is a way to pass the name of the node to the parm so they can use it. that way later on i can just copy/paste the node multiple times and the strings will update acordingly. example, if the name of my node is call my_node_1 i want the parm to be able to have a string as my_group`my_node_1` so when i copy paste my_node_1 will be my_node_2 and i want that to update the string of the parm, to show reflected my_group`my_node_2` thanks. guys.
  7. dealing with ramp using python

    thanks for the example, very easy to set up a ramp parameter with python
  8. just needed to change the node and vuala! super thanks!
  9. i am creating a attribute wrangler and will create 2 params, from the UI i can click that little icon and will create it for me, super easy. I did try to to grab the param and press "push button" h=hou.node('/obj/box1_Grooming/pointwrangle_width') ex=h.parm("exportlist") hou.Parm exportlist in /obj/box1_Grooming/pointwrangle_width> ex.pressButton() but nothing happen =( i inspect the button via "edit parameter interface" to see if there was a code or a callback attach to it,but didnt find anything... =( how could i create those params?
  10. I will try the use current frame, lag chop and jiggle I clicked timeslice checkbox, thanks =)
  11. I am working grooming some curves/hairs and all the way below the chain is a chop node with noise inside a subnet, even do I bypass the subnet, every time I change something takes forever since the chops cook even do that I think they are off/bypass, all the frames =( is there a way to really by pass chops or just let them cook by frame so the scene??? is kinda annoying =(
  12. make a parm use python instead hscript

    if I do something like exp = """ node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() prim0 = geo.prim(0) return len(prim0.points()) """ attribvop_node.parm("num_points_per_line").setExpression(exp, hou.exprLanguage.Python) now it works =) in the UI shows purple, and not green I think is because just that parm is python and the rest are hscript. thanks =)!!!! (go to sleep is 1 am)
  13. I have a parameter in my node that I want to convert to use python, usually we can right click> expression >change language to python but for some reason is gray out =( and reading documentation I could do parm.setExpression("2+2". language=Something) but I thought using hou.lenguage.Python as argument but wants a value? do we have something like parm.setScriptLenguage? or an easy way to switch all the node to use python, or just that parameter?
  14. since I needed in a parameter I did python node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() prim0 = geo.prim(0) return len(prim0.points())
  15. interesting I am running it on a series of curves/hairs and I just get 1 as result, my hairs have 10 points each, vertex are been consider different as points in this case?