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  1. dealing with ramp using python

    thanks for the example, very easy to set up a ramp parameter with python
  2. just needed to change the node and vuala! super thanks!
  3. i am creating a attribute wrangler and will create 2 params, from the UI i can click that little icon and will create it for me, super easy. I did try to to grab the param and press "push button" h=hou.node('/obj/box1_Grooming/pointwrangle_width') ex=h.parm("exportlist") hou.Parm exportlist in /obj/box1_Grooming/pointwrangle_width> ex.pressButton() but nothing happen =( i inspect the button via "edit parameter interface" to see if there was a code or a callback attach to it,but didnt find anything... =( how could i create those params?
  4. I will try the use current frame, lag chop and jiggle I clicked timeslice checkbox, thanks =)
  5. I am working grooming some curves/hairs and all the way below the chain is a chop node with noise inside a subnet, even do I bypass the subnet, every time I change something takes forever since the chops cook even do that I think they are off/bypass, all the frames =( is there a way to really by pass chops or just let them cook by frame so the scene??? is kinda annoying =(
  6. make a parm use python instead hscript

    if I do something like exp = """ node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() prim0 = geo.prim(0) return len(prim0.points()) """ attribvop_node.parm("num_points_per_line").setExpression(exp, hou.exprLanguage.Python) now it works =) in the UI shows purple, and not green I think is because just that parm is python and the rest are hscript. thanks =)!!!! (go to sleep is 1 am)
  7. I have a parameter in my node that I want to convert to use python, usually we can right click> expression >change language to python but for some reason is gray out =( and reading documentation I could do parm.setExpression("2+2". language=Something) but I thought using hou.lenguage.Python as argument but wants a value? do we have something like parm.setScriptLenguage? or an easy way to switch all the node to use python, or just that parameter?
  8. since I needed in a parameter I did python node = hou.pwd() geo = node.geometry() prim0 = geo.prim(0) return len(prim0.points())
  9. interesting I am running it on a series of curves/hairs and I just get 1 as result, my hairs have 10 points each, vertex are been consider different as points in this case?
  10. I can use npoints("../sop") but that count ALL the points, is there a way to just count the points on the first primitive?
  11. interesting how the groups as are also consider an attribute, was expecting an especial function for getting all the groups that a points is in.
  12. mmm sometimes i think the vex datatypes are very limited, i was expecting to get a list of classes such [ pointclass1, pointclass2, ] that later on with .notation i could get properties like the size, type, name etc.. (something i like a to work with python more than vex) thanks for sharing the snippet, i appreciate it =)
  13. i am creating a point in between 2 points and i want to transfer all the attributes to this new point, is there a way to find all the attributes that are in a point? like a list/array ["Cd", "P", "N"...] thanks =)
  14. how to add a point between 2 points in vex

    aja, need to move the first point from the origin =) vector one = point(0, "P", 0); vector two = point(1, "P", 0); vector newpoint = (two-one)*ch("perc"); addpoint(geoself(), newpoint+one);
  15. how to add a point between 2 points in vex

    this is strange I am know the math should be right, but it seems vex evaluation from 0,0,0? why is that? I even put a slider so I can see the point moving from point A to point B but it does it from 0,0,0? is that suppose to be like that? between_points.hip