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  1. Fuel Air Explosion

    The image cuts(or...?), I believe, to the chase, whether the thing is "Art" or "realism." You can easily imagine that size should have the "smoke solver" or "pyro" using this "image". I think it would be appropriate to recall at least to someone, the importance of 3d and photography. something that, I think, suffers throughout the forum: "Photography and 3D" join:). Demolish the house can be easily done ,in "sop" context. easily. (even a child could do) thank ramiro
  2. Re-create Sci-Fi Art WIP - I robot

    Hi Matt thank for your nice words. . 1) Character's psychology and name robot name: SL Personality: SAD consider the following sentences on wip of C P N. b)Construction of the individual psychic robotic. The closest to such things would be human beings and for that reason I have to observe them. c)I could not believe that a man who upon hearing the voice of another not also consider it as a miracle d)My experience, I mean, my varied observation is poor in these aspects. e)Taking into account c) I am doing the following resolution: it is impossible to imagine the joy in a robot. I'm choosing from a palette of sad and happy faces and curiously a few lines can say it better than anyone.( But bearing in mind d) I am wrong in other respects, but that should not worry now) Famous names NN and Live logician and mathematician: Bertrand Russell, Kurt Godel, Eisteint, Ramsey,Kim Davison,Frege, Leibniz,Platon. . Mistics: Jesus Christ, Saint Lorenz, Saint Agustin, Saint Buena Ventura, Molinos, Bono,Ludwig Wittgenstein. !!!!"""San Lorenzo"""" !!! SL SL was a deacon of the Roman church, was carbonized in a hot grill and it is for this reason that shows winner among eminent names. WiP animated: 27 October. Saludos.
  3. Re-create Sci-Fi Art WIP - I robot

    hi! ,leo,zannosa, ycosmo. thanks!"
  4. Today I decided to participate. I would firstly like to extend my hand to each and every one of the participants. And I say, good luck. I was making me some ideas on what I wanted to show you. I was tracking the spirit of those old days. Flying over the ashes came to me the idea to do something that plays a certain sadness. i upld a lit pic. thn more. thanks
  5. pyroclastic flow

    I imagine that can be done in several ways. compared to others I am very novice. first you take the time and distance. Use a timer. a clock. And you do not think about you but you must think about the viewer (what matters). I am of the idea that the first instance you should try basic particle system taking in mind the time and space of what was previously said and then once real customers satisfaction then continue to the next level. (Just as we do when playing, just as cities grow) # p/u/53/uwFi6qJS6gk http://www.youtube.com/user/Khermah This tutorial is part of what you need,spreading...through some transformation and modifications you can make it. http://vimeo.com/6660287 ( and this tu) thanks.
  6. More ICE Awesomeness

    Em. had my attention for 39 seconds. I'm getting old and nothing amazing achievement! and instantly are now convinced that there is something you can not and that's not true.(You're not creative), is also possible to do with paper and pencil.. Imagine the demolition of a bridge (in the imagination). chers. please do not defile the sanctuary with autodesk trash. ji ji.
  7. some particles tests

    Niceeee tesssttttttssss.
  8. Houdini 11 Sneak Peek

    for me they used the word "uber" as a joke. (And it's amazing) I said that I agreed on that the thing ought to be faster but the special considerations of any users is a very complicated issue that users of Houdini as any other could not resolve sudden blow. Consider it right that people have different interpretations and consider one thing over another, but one above all others are very stupid. If the thing right now is not as fast as you want then it is better then silence or what can not speak better shut up. ji ji. one of the reasons why people prefer to avoid use houdini is the difficulty and speed. and the truth that neither is true. Where does that? It is not uncommon for people to be misled by the comments and it would be really great that experienced users keep silent on issues that can not be resolved with words. maybe my English is not as elegant as ordinary people who usually use. sorry not my native language. Houdini for win! Macha yoooouu rocks!
  9. Houdini 11 Sneak Peek

    I'm sure there will be more news. Anyone know or have any idea or think of why the name "uber" the new things? I feel that when people argue they need more speed I think you are wrong. go behind a ghost! of a trend, a haircut. Practically has been transformed into new tone of voice. In some cases I think it important to improve these aspects but not in those of us who we are dealing. Houdini can not go higher than it was years ago. It is already too high!:
  10. $HITID from POPs not available in CopySOP?

    Very usefull! thanks!
  11. Speed By size

    as soon as I read what you both said I understood and gave me a lot of sense light at all. Theusualalex,Anim. THanKs!
  12. Speed By size

    Hello everyone I am very newy...., spent much time learning every day. I wish someone would kindly explain how to handle the speed of certain particles depending on size. Although I fail to grasp the whole thing, some words could help me, I'm using 3d max for over 10 years and I want rid of the bars. Thank youuuuuu