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  1. Just a quick update on this..2 years old entry! As I had issues with this and found a way thought I'll share it, so basically after packing with Pivot set to "Centroid" add a wrangle vector pivotOffset= chv("PivotOffset"); vector pivotCentroid = primintrinsic(0, "pivot", @ptnum); vector newPivot = pivotCentroid + pivotOffset; setprimintrinsic(0, "pivot", @ptnum, newPivot); @P += pivotOffset; Just one another way
  2. veins through volume

    Great idea to use pointdeform F1! Had a go at the space colonization a while ago but fun to take it further so thanks for that edit: oops...gif too big...
  3. This is a VERY good start http://forums.odforce.net/topic/17056-tornado/?hl=tornado
  4. Not sure but something like this? prim_break.hipnc
  5. Tornado

    Thank you good sir! Very nice setup
  6. Pavel, this is great but not sure how the uv setup works. I have checked the code in the displaceSOP node but I'm not sure how the uv's are handled as it does not seem to take into account the projection done in the "uvs" section above. I am also unsure about the boundGeo node. I understand this imports the geometry but at what point is the geometry assigned to the variable in the snippet? Hope that makes sense,,,, edit: missed the boundGeo parameter. Just gonna try to link it to a node for testing instead J
  7. Thanks everyone for this thread. It's amazing. And Pavel, you are a genius! Thank you so much for sharing all your incredible knowledge. Just wanted to say I did a render test and did not have a problem with faceted normals. Keep it up man, you're an inspiration
  8. Point index in VOP

    Thank you my friend! Just what I needed. I just have to get my head around how to access the different information. I was looking for a node to plug the pnum and P from the Global node to do the same thing without "re-importing" the position. In my mind that would make sense but, hey, this works just fine and dandy
  9. Hey everyone. I'm very fresh with Houdini and I'm sitting trying to get my head around VOPs. What I would like to do is the same as the aimPointNormals example but in VOPs. My only problem is how I can find a way to shift the index of the point position (P). I have tried to plug in and addconstant to the ptnum to add to the index but how do I combine is to get the point position for the corresponding ptnum? Hope this makes sense...I guess I'm a so called n00b J