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  1. Flip fluid leaking with collision object

    Hi Peter, how nice to see you here If you see the file I use like a collision object a very thicker version of the glass, how you propose in you video. I think the problem it´s not there. While I was sleeping this night, I dreamed that the problem could be that I can raise the substeps in the flip solver but I can´t do this in the collision object because it not have substeps, What do you think about it? thanks
  2. Hi boys, I need some help with a problem that it´s driving me crazy. I´m trying to fill a glass with a flip fluid and after move the glass. While the glass is not moving there is no problem but when the collision object starts to move this leaks the fluid particles untill all disappear. I try all I Know (that is not much), up the sub-steps,copy a sopvector field with the vel of the object and check all the parameters, but nothing works. Someone can give me an idea or direction to follow to resolve the problem, I will be eternally grateful. Thanks to all. FlipFluidLeak.hip
  3. Reel 2011

    Yes, we use houdini since we finish "The missing lynx" 2 years ago. I loved Max but I love houdini now
  4. Reel 2011

    Hi guys, I love this forum and I learn so much in it, and I want introduce myself sharing with all of you my reel. Here is, any comment will be wellcomed, Thanks