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  1. I am also confused by this. So can anyone explain in what cases the unclamped behavior can be useful?
  2. Hi awesome guys on odforce, I am currently trying to optimize my volume render and I am a bit confused what is the relationship between volume quality and stochastic samples? How they contribute to the final sample beings send on the volume? How should I balance them? Any ideas are welcome!
  3. Houdini 15 Point SOP

    I tried to use the new @ syntax in a point sop to change the point color using @P.x, @P.y, @P.z but got error message, why? The error message is "syntax error - extra tokens detected in expression" Sorry I made a mistake.
  4. RBD RnD OR what I learned about destructions

    Wonderful demonstration of bullet sim! Care to explain some detail about how you did the bending rebar one? Maybe a hip? I am dying to know how to achieve that effect! Thanks!
  5. Hi Marty, Thanks so much, this thing bugs me for a while. Don't even know there is a blurP I can use.
  6. Hi All, I am trying to shading a crack on a planet based on the depth of the crack. Since the planet before cracking is just a perfect sphere, I generated a spherical SDF bgeo and loaded it in my shader and do volume sample to get the signed distant value based on P. It all worked fine without motion blur, but when I turned on the motion blur to get camera motion blur the render result went wrong like the signed value is offseted. I am not using geo time motion blur or geometry velocity motion blur, just Xform time motion blur to get the camera motion. I have no idea how to fix that or is there a better way to color the crack without motionblur freaking out. I know it works in sop level but I need more detail so I try to move it into shader. I attached here my result render and one simple test I did to show the problem. Hope you guy could help me out and thank you in advance. This is a test render without motion blur, you can see the color separation clearly: This is a test render with xform motion blur, the blue color in crack invaded in the sphere also, creating an interesting but unwanted result: Please check my hip file, just use the rop inside the geo1 to write out the sphere volume then you can render to see the problem. You can try frames between 2-48 which has camera animation. The first frame render is correct since the camera haven't moved yet. I noticed if you just wrote out the volume, the attribute vop node in sop level may not update correctly, the render will be fine but you can try save and close then open the hipfile again to see the result, not sure if it is a minor bug of houdini or what. Again, any input would be helpful, thanks! test_volume.hip
  7. I noticed when there are NANs, if you render with motionblur on, mantra will stuck and never finish.
  8. Hi Pavel, Thanks for your quick reply. I saw your latest add fracture detail demo on vimeo, which looks really great. I am working on my graduate thesis and really hope can get better detail for my fracture pipeline. Your files really helped me a lot. Also can't help to notice you are the author of RBD stress fracture (H14) with Time Machine too. The whole class here are trying to figure out how it was done. What you achieved are way beyond what we have learned in school haha. Thanks again and looking forward some new hip to dig in.
  9. It's been a while since last input, I am reading through this thread for several days. Rayman you are really amazing. To be honest I am still a newbie and can't make sense half of the code you wrote. Just wonder if you did any more experiment with this setup? And last time you said you fixed the normal calculation of the exterior, is there still chance that you can share some hip example with us?
  10. I am doing a school assignment and my instructor point me to this interesting challenge. Just want to add my part of fun.
  11. Hi all, These days i am testing the possiblity to export scene from Houdin to Maya and vice versa. But I got some problem here, can anyone came across these problem and can help me out? Thanks!!! When trying to export a simple bone chain and a rigid bined skin from maya2010 to houdini10, the skin was deformed pretty weired, but the smooth bind skin seems worked. I looked into the nodes, and the cregion sops inside the last two joints are missing for the rigid binded geo. Even I copy the cegion sops from other joint node(houdini create a null with a cegion to fake a joint) into them, the geo was stilled massed up. When trying to export a bone chain from houdini10 to maya2010, if there is any node other than bone between two bone nodes, that node's world tranfom will go wrong. Although the relative position between output bone nodes after that non-bone node is correct, but their world transform will also go wrong(since there input node's world transform is wrong). One more intersting thing is if that non_bone node is a null node, it will be changed into a joint in Maya.
  12. How to install wxPython for houdini in Ubuntu?

    Many thanks graham, That's exactly the problem. Seems I am just being stupid. I point the python 2.5 in houdini to grap the wx module in python 2.6... Since Ubuntu 9.04 has both python 2.5 and 2.6 pre installed, when install wx, it will install for both 2.5 and 2.6, I just repoint Houdini python 2.5 to grap the wx module located in python 2.5 directory..then everything works fine! Again, thank you graham!
  13. How to install wxPython for houdini in Ubuntu?

    Hi, Thanks for your advice, but that is how I installed it in ubuntu, by using apt install following the instruction in wxPyhton webpage. The problem happens when I try to import it. In tutorial 3D buzz presented, they showed how to install it in windows, by chose the ansi version and said houdini only support ansi version till now. But when I install using apt, there is no such option for me to choos to use unicode or ansi version, I wonder if that was the core of my problem. Have you ever tried to make it work on Linux? Do I need to compile the wxPyhton using soucre code myself? Could share your experience with me? Many many thanks!