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  1. Hey All,

    I just have a crowd workflow question. so I have bunch of fbx files with different animations and I have been loading them in with Houdini 15.5 agent node fbx load feature (https://vimeo.com/181696549). It is really fast and clean however, I have to use multiple agent nodes to load my fbxs' in and Houdini is recognizing it as multiple agents but it should a single agent with multiple clips. Is there a way to merge all of the fbx load to a single agent or is post export .bclips will be the only way?

  2. Hi all,


    I have been learning to use bullet sim for the past few weeks and was trying to add thickness for my breaking teapot. I have unchecked "Create Inside Surface" at the Voronoi fracture node to remove the insides, but currently the surfaces are paper thin. I have tried all the extrude nodes, but my surface points seem to get wonky.

    I am also wondering if there is an effective way to auto freeze the small pieces from rolling around, I have tried some solutions from the forum but it haven't completely stopped it. I am guessing it is a drawback for using bullet sim or I shouldn't be cracking the geometry into really small pieces.



    I have attached a picture and file too

    Thank you!



  3. Thanks for the reply Daniel and Jonathan,

    I tried the solutions but I'm still having no luck. ><

    I tried opening my frame sequence in fcheck and it colours seems fine.

    Oh, I just tried to ignore alpha in the Interpret footage in AE, the colours is back. Is there some alpha settings I'm missing in Houdini?



  4. Hey,

    When I render my Pyrofx scene the colours look fantastic in the MPlay window, but when I output the frame and bring it to After Effects for composite the color info seems to be gone and some parts gets transparent.

    I tried different format such as targa and tiff and also tried 8bit and 16bit but still the same.

    I been searching for solution in OD force forum and houdini forum but cant seem to find anyone else having this problem. Do you know what have I done wrong here?