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  1. Fur & Lighting Artist/TD

    Alt.vfx is a boutique VFX company producing award winning visual effects for advertising. We are currently looking for a highly talented Houdini artist with experience in creating high end 3d visual effects. As an Alt Houdini artist you will be responsible for producing a variety of 3d Fur, Fur simulations and other effects as required. - Minimum 3 years experience in Houdini - At least 5 years experience in high end visual effects - Full understanding of Houdini Alembic pipeline from a Maya based source - Technically and artistically capable of creating character fur grooms - Lighting and shading expertise in Mantra within a character context - Proven examples of photo-realistic furred characters - Good teamwork and excellent communication skills within a VFX team - Experience creating particles, fluids, pyro, and destruction is a bonus We are interested in hearing from artists looking for either contract or full time employment Please send applications to Jobs@altvfx.com with 'Houdini' in the subject line We are based in Brisbane, Australia, in a beautiful sub-tropical climate.
  2. I found this useful for a quick guide on how to get velocity from point normals with a vopsop http://cgterminal.com/2013/09/08/houdini-creating-boat-engines-using-pump-tutorial/ Cheers, Nick
  3. Flip Whitewater

    Thanks Frostbite, yeah I do the same, it's just the spray method I use in Naiad seems to be more realistic as it is more based on the flip sim. Whenever I do spray from the shelf tool I seem to end up with thousands of tiny 'missile trails' and it never resembles the underlying sim. Cheers, Nick
  4. Flip Whitewater

    Hi folks, I want to use flip for my white water spray rather than the default white water shelf particles, I am sure I can use the white water source for my extra flip sim. I am happy to use the existing foam and bubbles, but I feel the spray particles are a bit too ballistic. I was wondering if anyone could help me with the setup. I am successfully sourcing a new flip sim from the white water source, but I am struggling with how to generate collisions with the original flip water sim. I assume this is done via the source volume node plugged into the new 'white water' flip sim and set to collisions, but I am a little confused on where to source this collision. Most of the tutorials are either a bit old now and use particles for secondaries, or are new and just direct me to the white water shelf tool. Cheers, Nick
  5. Flip & Example

    Thanks again Javier, I think you are onto something here, it may be the way I am setting it up rather than something more complex. I am starting with a fliptank that is maybe too deep with fluid, your collision already looks better than mine as the white-water is very energetic. I will play with resolution and see if I can get the white-water to get that lovely droplet look that the example render has. I have seen it in a few forums that Naiad's white-water solver is more fluid based and Houdini's is more particle based but it will be interesting to compare the two. The mist solver in H13 is certainly fluid based. Thanks so much for taking an interest! Cheers, Nick
  6. Flip & Example

    Thanks Javier, I understand, it's all a bit esoteric right now! I guess what I am getting from my undying flip sim is lots of big streaks of stringy fluid, and then the white-water on top ends up streaking off in big straight lines. Whereas the example I posted is very aerated and broken up and far more natural. There are so many factors that could be in play that it's hard to know where to start. I guess a good question would be do you think H13's flip system is capable of this kind of effect given the way it Sims white-water, or is this something that Naiad is particularly good at? Thanks for taking the time to reply. Nick
  7. Flip & Example

    One digit out and you get freefallin' on the Banjo! What a crazy world... Fixed now ; )
  8. Flip & Example

    Hi folks, I am trying to achieve this effect www.vimeo.com/41911151 I can get quite close with H13 flip but I am missing all the nice detail in the spray/foam. I have tried adding some surface tension and that helped a little. I could jump back into Naiad and try that as this example was done in Naiad of course. I am just hoping for some clues as I am a bit of Noob in H flip Sims, most stuff I try works beautifully but this one seems to be a head scratcher. I have been careful with scale and I am doing a similar animation on a vehicle. Cheers, Nick