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  1. enviroment map error

    Uhm, right! Anyway, I solved this by other means now...
  2. After sticking in an environment map onto an environment light, (which for some odd reason, said it couldn't find it) and deleting the light, mantra is still looking for that HDR texture file. This causes my render to have some strange artifacts. Even after deleting the light and the mantra node, and even restarting houdini, this error occurs. How can I find this path and delete it so mantra stops looking for it? Thanks.
  3. unique rotation for each face

    Thanks for explaining that! That does make sense.
  4. clamping color

    I was really getting into figuring this out but I need to run! Often in many scripting languages there is a sort of "step" function that will interpolate without any smoothness. It will just jump from one value to the next. (RSL has this and its called "step" , but I was digging around and didn't find one for houdini yet...) I think if you could find this expression, that might solve it. Maybe. Good luck! Ill dig a bit some more after I get home again.
  5. I'm struggling to understand how Houdini decides to affect certain things. For example, in POPs, you can use $PT in expressions, which allows you to randomize attributes (rotation etc) for EACH particle. However, in this SOPs example, it doesn't seem to work the same for $PR. Can someone please explain to me 1.) why this is and also 2.) help me come up with a solution? I am trying to have a unique rotation for each facet of the box (That I have broken up into six different faces). Thanks a bundle. cubeBreak.hipnc
  6. Particle Fluid grains

    I have been messing around inside the particle fluid object for awhile now, trying to figure out how the grains are supposed to work. It seems like form reading documentation that they allow some SOP geometry to be instanced to each particle in the particle fluid, but nothing seems to be working. Has anyone had any luck with this? Thanks.
  7. ShadowMatte

    brilliant! thats what I needed to do, was break he link between the face and the light. Thanks so much. Sorry my question was poorly worded to begin with.
  8. ShadowMatte

    I have a boy's head that I am masking out and just rendering the hair on top of it with shadows casting onto the face caused by the hair. The problem I run into is that the shadowmatte will also cast shadows onto itself. Does anyone know how I can stop this?
  9. Point deformations during translation

    Update if anyone cares: My friend helped me understand that the problem is due to all the soft transform edits were being done in world space. My new theory is that since each guide hair runs out of a vertex of the head geometry, I can use an expression to put in tX, tY, tZ, rotateX channel etc etc... of the base guide hair point that always points to the position of that vertex on the head geometry. That should do the trick. Then ideally, I can code up a tool that will run it automatically. Unless there is a simple way to make the soft transform go into local space, but I saw no option for that...
  10. I feel like I post questions on here way too often... I have been styling a character's hair by manipulating points on the guide hairs using soft transforms. When I translate the head geometry, the hair blows up. Unfortunately, a simple rest position SOP is not solving this, because I did my edits on the point level without using the shelf tools (because there currently isnt one for that. Maybe Houdini 11?) . I assume I will need to append some sort of SOP network onto the tail end of my edits to "freeze" them in place. Can anyone give any hints? If you look in the file, the hair is still a WIP, thanks. MainBoyv4.hipnc
  11. "current selection" call?

    Awesome, thank you so much. I am not familiar with most of the stuff you said about activePanel and toolUtils but I love diving in to this stuff. Thanks for the great start.
  12. "current selection" call?

    Thanks for the reply Graham. I saw that before, but I actually need to be able to call up a point I am selecting, not an entire node. Or is there some argument I can put in selectedNodes() in order to be able to grab the point number?
  13. "current selection" call?

    Hi! Been looking through docs and google for quite some time now. I am at a loss for a "current selection" function (ie in maya, "ls -sl" equivalent) I am trying to write a tool that should make guide hair manipulation easier. For my methods anyway.. Thanks!
  14. Shadows on transparent geometry.

    Thanks for the reply. Ill check that.
  15. Hello, I am trying to get some shadows to cast on a piece of geometry, But I don't want that piece of geometry rendered. (Just the shadows as part of the alpha channel) I have been playing around with shadow matte, but I dont think that is supposed to be used for that purpose after reading Houdini Help. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.