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  1. Dijkstra Pathfinding with Python

    Manu, thanks for the heads up. I have not tried the group sop but I just knew that it could create the connection groups. I have not used the neighbors nodes before and your example explains it very well. Thanks again
  2. Dijkstra Pathfinding with Python

    Hey thanks for the file. I was actually working on a similar problem. So this is great. As a side note, the group SOP provides a way to select the connected points. It might provide a much more concise way to get a decent list of connected edges. I have been looking into ways to build the list of connected edges and this was one of the ways I came up with, although it is not as sexy as using vop and python that is for sure
  3. old school, Do you know if there are any "render" command options or arguments on the commandline? I guess it would be great if we can render with much verbose output. Selecting "alfred sty;e" in the rop does not give a real verbose output about what is going on with the render. thanks
  4. Curve on Mountain??

    You can also use "P" attribute directly in the point box of the Attribute Copy SOP. Then create a Point SOP after it. Connect the first input to your original line then connect the second input to Attribute Copy Sop. Then enter "$TY2" in the point SOP`s "$TY" box
  5. graham, Thanks for the detailed answer. I was suspecting that this would be the case but could not figure out since I could not find out how ME did it. You detailed answer makes perfect sense. I can use Fetch SOP with some Python. I was just trying to keep all in Channel SOP.
  6. Hi I am trying to use Channel CHOP to bring values into CHOPS. Now I can use Channel CHOP to populate bunch of channels and use them to override or export. However I am not able to bring any data. On the other hand Motion Effects menu can bring animation data via Channel CHOPS into CHOPS. In the screenshot, you can see my basic usage. This works for combining with other methods(like math) to generate data but not for bringing data. The only difference I can see with mine and the Motion Effects generated channel chop is that it seems like ME is able to generate aliases for these channels. Any ideas, suggestions? thanks
  7. Python Source Editor command

    If you are under Windows, you can use AutoHotKey for Windows automation like sending certain shortcuts to certain windows.. Check it out pretty useful stuff.
  8. Photon Map generation

    You can also check out this topic http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=22074&highlight=
  9. Emit particles based on an attribute

    Well, You can create groups(using partition sop) based on the Redness of the points then use ForEach SOP to create your particles. I have not tested it but might work out.
  10. Emit particles based on an attribute

    Hi You can scatter(Scatter SOP) points based on an attribute and use those points for your source maybe.Although this method will give more of a distribution density type thing, not sure if that would get close to what you need. You can try adding a new attribute based on the Cd and see if you can pass that new attribute to the Pop network.
  11. Infinite recursion in a script?

    graham, I am putting in the X rotation of the box. I assumed that the rotation of the box might be independent of its transformation, although obviously it is a matrix operation. I am wondering what would be the right way to set this up then? Read the values in previous frames and set at the current frame maybe? I can use Chops as well I was just trying to set this up with Python lines. Ok thanks for the tip. I was not aware of those methods. thanks
  12. Hi I am getting infinite recursion error(in the editor) in this simple Python code. I am putting this code in the X rotation of an object. Is it possible that the "origin" command causing this? import math,hou PI=3.14 v=hou.Vector4() sphere=hou.node("/obj/sphere_object1") box=hou.node("/obj/box_object1") vs=sphere.origin().normalized() vb=box.origin().normalized() vd=vs[0]*vb[0]+vs[1]*vb[1]+vs[2]*vb[2] degree= math.acos(vd) return degree*180/PI
  13. Python SOP

    thanks for the insight Graham
  14. Python SOP

    How about hython or scripts?
  15. xionmark, Have you tried MinGW? You might be able to compile it with that. I did compile Windows executables under Linux with Mingw for Linux for example.