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  1. smoke topic

    Got the warning message below. Anyone could help re-create this in Houdini 11? -------------------------------------- Warning: Problem while synchronizing child node: Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "solverperobject". Skipping unrecognized parameter "solverperobject". [/obj/Aut]oDopNetwork/gasequalizeddensity1/create_goal_fields] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "solverperobject". [/obj/Aut]oDopNetwork/gasequalizeddensity1/compute_density_volume] Warning: Skipping unrecognized parameter "solverperobject". [/obj/Aut]oDopNetwork/gasequalizeddensity1/compute_goal_volume]
  2. Hi everyone, I'm doing some tests with houdini bullet solver and noticed that the solver doesn't work well with other dop nodes. For example, if I put a Motion dop and try to make some objects static, the behavior is just weird. The result is the objects are still moving down slowly, not absolutely static.I'm not familiar with the underneath mechanism of bullet solver, so could anyone here let me know what's happening for this thing? Thanks
  3. Centroid - SOP

    that's great! Just compiled and it works very well:)
  4. Houdini 11 Released

    Congratulations! Hope to see more amazing stuff and speed optimization in the next version.
  5. More ICE Awesomeness

    could anyone show me a very basic example about a solver in SOP context? Thanks,
  6. One more question, what if I don't know the attribute type in advance? For example, I could only use the getType() to get the type, but I don't know if it's float or int. I can't use *(gdp->points()(4)->castAttribData<myType> (fooOffset)) = 27; Could anyone here let me know how to handle the type information? Thanks,
  7. Hello Everyone, I'm working on some HDK stuff and hope someone here could give me some hint. How to get and set the attribute value of a certain point(e.g. point 4)? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I started my houdini in the terminal, and it said this error - My machine is - OS: Ubuntu 9.10 x64 Kernel: 2.6.31-20-generic GCC: 4.4 Houdini: 10.0.465 x64 gcc4.1 Both the default dso from the package and the one I compiled, have such error. Does anyone know this problem? Thanks very much.