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  1. Well to be honest, in the current state of technology I would prefer to use out of the box solvers rather than in-house solutions. Companies like SideFX that takes customer support seriously can offer a better support than internal RnD departments. Getting a fix by the dinner, mmmm that is not usually the case
  2. Wow good old times, I still remember Houdini 5.5 PDF reference manual, and the little tutorials from version 4. No you have Vimeo, things has changed a lot
  3. Well really, is happening again, 16 is not even released and we start to ask about 17. Honestly give the guys a well deserved rest for a month, like they can enjoy what they have achieve in 16 which is huge, and then start to think in 17. Take it easy
  4. Hey Niels. This issue with Mantra instances has been our major issue in the last two years in every show using Mantra as the main renderer. Almost two years ago we provided detailed tests to SESI showing the issue, one of them similar to your cube test. I managed to improve instancing performance doing my own procedural, but there is definitely something not working well in Mantra instances. We conclude that an object representation inside Mantra, all the data include in any rendered object/instance, apart from the geometry itself, is too heavy. It takes a lot to create multiple instances of the same object, and it takes too much memory. This obviously explodes in real production cases. Some work has been done, i got some emails from SESI about some bugs fixed, but the main issue is still there. In their last visit to London we showed them again the issue, when compared with clarisse, which apart from many other problems, is pretty good at instancing, the difference is clear. I hope this time they can decide to tackle this issue, which for me to be honest is the biggest issue in Mantra at the moment. i haven't tested 16 for rendering yet, so let's see is Santa bring us something amazing this next months
  5. Parameters callbacks
  6. NOPE Hscript is still very deep into Houdini. SESI advice to use Python rather than Hscript , but at the moment, Hscript is faster more reliable and in some cases has functions that doesn't exists in hom. Also callbacks implemented with Python don't scale well. For all of these I still prefer to use Hscrit for expressions.
  7. I hope H16 will have materials with some decent representation in the viewport, compared to the final render in Mantra.If at least the "speculars BSDF shapes" are similar then it will be very useful.
  8. Well if at some point would be possible to get a decent approximation of the mantra render in the viewport this would be great to block the lighting and use it as a tool to approve lighting before fully rendering the shot in Mantra. This would be so useful
  9. Great job guys! The thing I liked the most is the RBD stuff, probably because I have done several titanic fluid sims and it always looks out of scale to me, but the complexity in the destruction is awesome. Is amazing to see what a bunch of good Houdini artists can do with just vanilla Houdini. Something that most big shops don't understand yet. And yep Mantra can also do amazing images, another tabu for the render community who still think about it as a toy. Keep the good working!
  10. Hello Juan. Usually these workflows are accomplished opening a port in both apps and using RPC or another similar protocol to pass information between tools. Needs the HDK to develop it.
  11. Yep and I believe is the main reason because SESI hasn't invest too much time into getting VEX in GPU.Is a huge task and basically you have to battle against a platform that needs lots of custom code. The guys from Fabric have trying it for some years and they still don't have it working. VEX has the same features as K-language, is exactly the same idea, but SESI talk to manufacturers and sooner or later there will be CPUs with vector processing capabilities similar to GPUs, but without the need of custom code, is a matter of time. In my opinion investing in GPU code in the long term is not a good choice. Cheers
  12. I'm not so eager to have Mantea in n GPU, is a difficult task which will consume many SESI resources, and at the end of the day Houdini shines managing huge amount of data, and this is the main problem with GPUs. I prefer to get improvements in the IPR.
  13. No Marty, unfortunately people assume all papers works, when actually most of them is academic research, just a few are valid to be used in real life.But to answer our friend, you don't need to wait till 16, 15 is going to offer solutions to improve fluids looks.
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