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  1. Houdini Easy Compile Blocks

    Hi Folks ! For Houdini optimization nerds I'd like to share "Houdini easy compile blocks". It's a simple script which creates for you the compile blocks + update the expressions to use spare inputs ( if needed ) around a for loop or a selection of nodes. Compiling a for-loop is now one click away Available for free here: http://cgtoolbox.com/houdini-easy-compile-block/. If you have issues with a loop compilation, feel free to send a small hip file if possible, to support@cgtoolbox.com, with the nodes you're trying to compile and I'll have a look ! https://vimeo.com/287152763
  2. Houdini Expression Editor plugin

    You can call it using: from HoudiniExprEditor import ParmWatcher;ParmWatcher.add_watcher(your_parm_object_here)
  3. Houdini Expression Editor plugin

    That's weird, here I have this on my houdini.env: HOUDINI_PYTHON_TOOLS=/home/guillaume/Documents/__dev__/HoudiniPythonTools HOUDINI_PATH=$HOUDINI_PYTHON_TOOLS/HelpCardMaker: HOUDINI_PATH=$HOUDINI_PATH$HOUDINI_PYTHON_TOOLS/HoudiniEasyCompileBlock: HOUDINI_PATH=$HOUDINI_PATH$HOUDINI_PYTHON_TOOLS/HoudiniExprEditor: HOUDINI_PATH=$HOUDINI_PATH$HOUDINI_PYTHON_TOOLS/HouGitHub: HOUDINI_PATH=$HOUDINI_PATH$HOUDINI_PYTHON_TOOLS/Houpy_PyTakes2: HOUDINI_PATH=$HOUDINI_PATH:&: And it works fine ... For the shortcut issue I haven't found a solution so far ( on ubuntu, but same thing on windows but with ';' instead of ';' )
  4. Houdini Expression Editor plugin

    Hello, You have all the infos needed to install the plugin on the awesome varomix video ( minute 13:00 ):
  5. Houdini Expression Editor plugin

    Hey guys, Quick update on that tool, it is now compatible with Python SOP node code: More to come soon: python COP, digital assets extra code etc. http://cgtoolbox.com/houdini-expression-editor/
  6. Houdini Expression Editor plugin

    Hey, Very good idea I think I'm gonna add the both directions feature, and I'll look into other stuff like node cook output. But yeah I agree this should be natively in Houdini
  7. Hey Guys I wanted to share with you a small script I've done to have a better support or external editors to edit your expressions and code. It works with a system or file watcher, that means it doesn't freeze Houdini and you don't need to close your editor to see you updates It's available by a simple right-click on a parameter => expression => External Expression Editor ( you can set a hotkey ). It works with VEX and Python expressions but also regular HScript expressions ( but with no completion ). It works very well with Visual Studio Code as it has a nice VEX and Python plugins, but it could work with sublime text, notepad ++ etc. ( I haven't tested all the IDE out there so if you find a bug with one of them, feel free to send an email to contact@cgtoolbox.com ). A small video about it: https://vimeo.com/242470411 You can download it for free here: http://cgtoolbox.com/houdini-expression-editor/ PySide, PySide2 and PyQt are supported, it is compatible with Houdini 15 to 16.5.
  8. Ok problem seems to be solved, if anyone has the issue: Actually for some reason I had 2 server Service ( I'm on windows machine ), one from a bad setup, and another "good" one. But Both were running and then jobs were sent twice, and Hqueue doesn't like that
  9. Hi all, I have an issue with Hqueue and Python job, when I send a job, this job can't stop being "Abandoned" then back to the queue, it can suceed after few try like that. The problem is because of that, my client got all the time disabled, any idea ? here is the job's log: September 23, 2014 04:15:07 PM Assigned to buidMachine (master) September 23, 2014 04:15:08 PM setting status to running September 23, 2014 04:15:42 PM Abandoning 1 (running) since the client isn't reporting on its status. Client says it's running [], and I think it's running [1] September 23, 2014 04:15:42 PM setting status to abandoned September 23, 2014 04:15:45 PM Re-activating job since client has reported progress again. September 23, 2014 04:15:45 PM setting status to running Another info, I have my server and client on the same machine for the moment. Any idea someone ?? Thanks
  10. hqueue dependency

    If you're using the Python API to send your job you can set children jobs in a child job yes, a child job is a normal job, so you can add job{ command:"your command children:[ childrenjob{ command:"your children command" children:[...other children if any etc...] } ] } Hope this is clear
  11. Self presentation with 2 pictures :)

    Thanks for yours comments and your feedback hopbin9 I'll try to tweak the GI on the globe's picture, and for the Teapot, in fact I made a wink to the well known Utah Teapot
  12. Hello everyone ! I am a CG artist / TD from the south of France and for my first post here, I would like to show you 2 pictures that I created with Houdini and Mantra And I will have certainly a lot of questions about this amazing software So ... read you soon ! For these 2 pictures i used Houdini 11 NC HD, and nuke for the compositing, no photoshop retouching, just the background ( the sky in fact ) is made with photoshop in the "Zen" picture, hope you like it ! and C&C are welcomed The Globe Clic for the full size Zen... Clic for the full size Guillaume(j) (and sorry for my english... :-/ )