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  1. Crowd and Volume collisions

    I have baked agents loop for crowds. I need some hints how to generate smoke, dust on the each crowd agents footsteps for walk, run on a dusty terrain adaption in compositing for example, at what level does it have to be done?
  2. Renderfarms renderers and plugins

    Google Zync: https://www.zyncrender.com/ GridMarkets http://www.gridmarkets.com/houdini
  3. FLIP Fluid Masterclass

    Yes, here is one crowd class, the fist one i found and very cool. https://vimeo.com/147620852
  4. Gridmarkets Houdini/Mantra rendering service

    Hey, can you tell something about the pricing after beta and also about HD Indie support?
  5. Render farms for H12

    Okay,thanks. I can't find Mantra in the List, http://www.foxrenderfarm.com/features-manual.html ...but will asked them.
  6. Render farms for H12

    Hi, any updates? Also looking for public HD renderfarms, otherwise it,'s uninteresting for complex particle sim or huge renders. Two dozen or more EC2 are to expensive and not helpfull...
  7. Houdini CloudFX tutorial

    These are Terragen and VUE Clouds, and the summary of my question was: is CloudFX timesaving (!) able to do animated realism Cloud Skies and whre do i found advanced stuff for learning CloudFX....
  8. Houdini CloudFX tutorial

    There is no advanced Lessons or anything more on CloudFX for a fly through complete sky. And i know there are only good dozen people around the world, which are able to do this quality......
  9. Houdini CloudFX tutorial

    My question is if the CloudFX is aible for a full cloud-covered sky. The Mesh structure and animation also don't work as shown in the basic tutorial for a complete sky... !? Also i haven't seen any rendered photorealistics clouds or a complete sky....
  10. Houdini CloudFX tutorial

    Okay thanks, i had read this post before. This tvc wasn't my question. --> photorealistics clouds and animation with CloudFX, cloud-covered sky. Mesh structure, Animation parameter or advanced tutorials.
  11. Houdini CloudFX tutorial

    Okay, its a starting point. I'am looking for relaisting Clouds or a complete cloud-covered sky. How do you make a complete realism cloud-covered Sky like the first Second in this video and how do you animate the clouds wiht CloudFX? Is the default cloud shader able to render photorealistics clouds? What is the best way for many, many clouds Are there advanced Lessons for CloudFX, i found nothing? Sorry for the question, but photorealistics result tutorials are poor in Houdini.... Thanks for any Hints
  12. Realistic Fluid, Particles, Fire, Smoke, Water, Destruction, physics etc. to comp in Real Footage, this unfortunately don't work in realism native with Lightwave. What i will learn? Project based Houdini Lessons - no more, no less. http://www.fxphd.com/movies/fxphd-tour-v5.mov I will end this thread now - it gets stupid - and i was portrayed as a bonehead, because i asked for project based realistic Houdini Lessons, which is definitive the exact same Philosophy for example of fxphd You should all think about why Houdini is the ONLY 3D App, which don't have any of this realistic(!) Tutorials -with exception the only one fxphd TD Lesson- you can dispute this, but its fact!! And yes, perhaps is the complex procedural Houdini the wrong Software, because you need years of investment to fully understand this to produce those expected realistic results and this Software is only for the big Studios with up to many specialist Artists and this confirm why no Independent Movie use it for VFX ... Goodbye.
  13. Yes, thats right I have learned Lightwave, SynthEyes, Fusion, AfterEffects, premiere pro, VUE 6-9, Carrara and Photoshop CSx with this kind of videos - all this Apps in less than two years and all to handle this with realistic Footage - now I'am searching for in Houdini !!! I don't need the skills - i know these theory, but NOT the specific Software skills. Thats also not MY way to learn - I have no time and money to watch all unrelated videos. I also have no time for try and error of thousand parameters in all VFX related Application. Thats the destiny of a Freelancer - time save learning and this are outside a classic Filmschool, Software related (!) Video Lessons and NOT tryout to transfer a VFX Maya mental ray rendering (with all important Details like MotionBlur, DOF, Displacement, GI, Ambient, etc. ) to Houdini without any learned knowledge - it's inefficient and for Hobbyist.... You can watch this Video above for 3DSMax - you never get this realistic setup in Houdini - the Software skills for related Parameters are the crucial factor for the Realism.
  14. Thanks for all the hints, but i always surprised about the negative opinion to the hole VFX Workflow with Houdini. Again all other 3 App has this series and good a 4-6 Hour realistic complete Lesson for a $39,95 DVD/download will sell more as 100 times over the month around the world (with announcement, advertisement). My first five Hour Lightwave VFX-Lesson from a well-known VFX Studioartist was sold over 450 time in two Years. I'am Freelancer and hole in one CG, Tracking, Compositing, Cutting and learned the other Software over several years, because there are hundred of realistic and VFX related Lessons - but Houdini (this was my second DVD: http://desktopimages.com/Stream/VFX_Promo.mov) I suggest VFX Worklflow with Houdini here and at Sidefx - and now its up to the Artists... Why it is so difficult?? The following Cover Image (as 20 sec Movie) is the result of an near 4 hour (12 Lessons) VFX Trainig published by two Artists, CG and Composting (modeling was 30 min. walkthrough with the predefined Building). Merry X-Mas and happy 2011
  15. I use Lightwave, Fusion and SynthEyes and need NO Compositing or Tracking Workshop - i asked for realistic Multipasses with Houdini related stuff (Fire, Smoke, Fluid, etc.) - Environment for Production and this needs often Tracking Data from any Software to reacts with the CG. After you watch this for example, you are not able to create Fluids or a Waterfall for VFX in Houdini http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1834&Itemid=305 And after you watch this, your Fire and Smoke is also not ready for VFX - every Masterclass is theory. http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1496&Itemid=344 And I bet there are not many HD User here, which are able to create this output. or real Simulations with environment light So my Question was the way from the Lessons above ---> to VFX - and this is veeerrry different to all other 3D Apps and the techniques in this kind of VFX Training Videos are major time savers and different in any 3D App, and will let you expand on the concepts into your own shots right away, because you have the knowledge and the way here in Houdini!