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  1. I am using the Houdini hair tools to groom a character and I hit a wall where I need have my skin groups transferred to my guides where Houdini doesn't do that by default, let me know if I am wrong, if I use a group transfer SOP it takes a lot of time with a large amount of guides, shouldn't the guides inherit the skin groups by default? Is there a efficient way to do it? I hope I am making sense. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you so much for your time to explain me that I am totally gona try that, I didn't know that phm() module. I'll let you know what I got. Thanks again!
  3. I think the right question should be how do I access the menu module script from a command button, everywhere I look just explain how to do that If I want to access the module in a digital asset which I think it is not the case.
  4. I have my function on my ordered menu list: import os def listDirs(check): result = [] houDir = os.listdir(hou.getenv('JOB')+'/houdini') if check==1: for dir in houDir: result+=[dir,dir] return result else: result=["Nothing","Nothing"] return result return listDirs(check) I want my button on the same node to pass a value '1' to my 'check' variable in that function, how do I do that? I did try on a callback button: hou.pwd().parm('dirList').listDirs(1) But it didn't work, what am I missing? Thanks.
  5. I have a simple ordered menu that have python script that has a variable 'check', I want that a button on the same node changes the value of this variable, with hscript I just put 'set -p check=1' on the callback script and I can access this variable on my menu's script, how do I do that with python? I hope that makes sense. Thanks.
  6. Check if directory exists with hscript

    Yes I don't use phyton, but thanks anyway.
  7. Check if directory exists with hscript

    I found a way: # Check if directory exists set check='' foreach dir(`system(" if [ -d 'your_directory_path_or_not' ];then echo 'yes';else echo 'not';fi")`) if (`strmatch($dir,"not")`==1) set check = 'Not Found' else set check = 'Found' endif end message $check But if anyone have a better and more elegant way let me know. Thanks.
  8. Is there a way to check if a directory exists with hscript? I try this: set txt='' foreach dir(`run('uls -p /mnt/non_existente/directory')`) if ($dir != "") set txt = 'nothing' else set txt = 'all' end message $txt But if the directory doesn't exist it return me nothing, any tips? Thanks.
  9. Blurring/Filtering Procedural Textures

    Thank you so much for giving your time to explain this to me it really help me understand this, I already knew that do something like this in PBR would involve some more complex calculation with Rays I just did know how to do it, in the old micropolygon days I knew that with some loops you could do it with less complex calculation I guess. My intent was to learn how to average the values like in sops and also to learn how to do it and also I like the idea to do all that I can in shaders but thanks to your explanation now I know the caveats so I can decide better if I should in in textures or not. Thanks again for the explanation.
  10. Blurring/Filtering Procedural Textures

    I just bump up in this older thread which describes exactly what I am trying to achieve with no success off course, I am trying to 'blur' a procedural 'soft dots' pattern more than it's own softness using what i saw on the Masterclass about loops but I it's not working for me, can someone point me on the right direction? Thanks. loop_blur_vop_values.hip
  11. Houdini grooming tools parting lines

    Just confirming that parting lines don't work for me, any more tips?
  12. Houdini grooming tools parting lines

    If I do that it uses the parting line guides to create a clump on the floor.
  13. Houdini grooming tools parting lines

    Sorry not for me. I can get a a similar effect by increasing the decay but it breaks the purpose of using the parting lines where some areas I want they interpolating and others where I can define they don't. It seems the the parting lines doesn't do any effect at all even in the old system I never get it to work right and there is nothing in the manual the points to the right direction it only describes what the node does. The only way I can think of that could help me is to make different patches it could work but it is more of a hack and more steps then would be necessary if the parting lines work.
  14. Houdini grooming tools parting lines

    That doesn't seem to make a difference if there is a part line or not.