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  1. Blender function in VEX (snap)

    That's really cool! One more trick learned. My goal was to try to use the formula on the tutorial to draw in COPs the ngon shape with VEX. After a lot of trying and error I could translate the formula to COPs using VOP COP and the hardest part was to trying to figure out the different functions that are created specific for Blender. That being said I was able to find what the 'snap' function and what it does is simple: float snap = floor(val1/val2)*val2; So after that was just a matter of assemble the formula in the inline VOP inside the VOP COP and vua-la, It worked! So I did: distance = length($uv); angle = fit(atan2($uv.y,$uv.x),-$PI,$PI,0,2*$PI); float val = (2*PI)/$n; float snap = floor($angle/val)*val; float x = $r*sin((($n-2)*PI)/(2*$n)) / sin(PI-($angle-snap)-((($n-2)*PI)/(2*$n))); $dist = x > distance; Being the $uv the x/y pixel positions offseted to the center and $n being the ngon sides and $r being the radius parameters. Thanks for the trick tip that was really useful.
  2. I came across this interesting Blender tutorial where the author uses math nodes to recreate a 2D ngon shape similar like using COPs to create patterns and I decided to give a try translating it in Houdini using VEX and I got stuck trying to find a VEX function similar to a Blender one which I couldn't so I am sure that a smarter brain could easily solve this exercise so here is the challenge. This is the tutorial link and around 12:30 he explains the theory behind the function 'snap' and at 23:57 it shows it in action: link Which basically it returns the closest value that B[] is from A. I hope it makes sense. Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  3. delete the interface parameter by python

    Found it! Thanks anyway.
  4. delete the interface parameter by python

    Hi, Can you help me on how to remove a folder tab from the parameter inteface? Thanks!
  5. Hi! Anyone knows if it is possible to do that in TOPs I mean render multiple frames at once, I try to do that but I get errors. Thanks.
  6. Rotating uv tile

    This so useful that it should be incorporated in Houdini.
  7. Rotating uv tile

    Yeah I am aware of texture bombing I was hoping that someone knew a simpler way to just rotate the udims independently like Andrew does in Blender. Thanks for the tip thou.
  8. Rotating uv tile

    That is really cool Konstantin thanks for that! Can you tell if there is also a easy way to do that regardless of the surface division like in a single poly plane like this - Rotate uv tile blender tutorial Thanks.
  9. Hi, I am looking for a workflow where I could mix alembic animation for the skeleton and use it to drive a static muscle model, I tried to use the "tissue system" but no success I am also trying to use instead of a FEM a vellum simulation which is way faster so no build in tool to do that as far as I know so I am stuck on how to "stick" my static muscle model to my skeleton animation cache properly, any tips? Thanks!
  10. COPS - Merging nodes not combined ?

    I suggest to use the layer COP in this case.
  11. I am using the Houdini hair tools to groom a character and I hit a wall where I need have my skin groups transferred to my guides where Houdini doesn't do that by default, let me know if I am wrong, if I use a group transfer SOP it takes a lot of time with a large amount of guides, shouldn't the guides inherit the skin groups by default? Is there a efficient way to do it? I hope I am making sense. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thank you so much for your time to explain me that I am totally gona try that, I didn't know that phm() module. I'll let you know what I got. Thanks again!
  13. I think the right question should be how do I access the menu module script from a command button, everywhere I look just explain how to do that If I want to access the module in a digital asset which I think it is not the case.