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  1. Multiple gi lights issues

    Did anyone successfully merged 2 photon files and use it in a GI light? Is there a correct way to do that? Thanks.
  2. Multiple gi lights issues

    Thanks! I'll try that I didn't know about this limitation.
  3. Multiple gi lights issues

    It seems that it has something to do with the ray samples but I didn't figure it all out yet, any info would be welcome. Thanks.
  4. I am trying to use 2 gi lights for specific regions in my scene but if I try to use both at the same time it seems that one kills the other I have to always turn one off to see the other. I hope that makes sense. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  5. Script callback on a button

    Yeah the same for me, thanks for the help anyway.
  6. Script callback on a button

    I am used to do everything in hscript but in this case I couldn't make it work also because I am trying to do the code it in just on line where where the callback script is limited to and I didn't want to write a function so I would prefer to do it in hscript though I know that using python would be welcome.
  7. Script callback on a button

    I am not succeeding in make this script work on a button with a callback script: if ( `run("message -b Delete,Cancel -d 0 Are you sure?")`==0),`run('message deleted')` ,`message('message canceled')` ) What am I doing wrong? Any tips?
  8. Use hscript to set linux variable

    Thanks for the info guys, it helps a lot. The easiest way I do use the 'interchange' environment variables between Houdini and the shell is like I said before I go to window>shell and Houdini creates one for me with the environments that I need. PS: I am using Linux.
  9. Use hscript to set linux variable

    I just want to send some Houdini environment to the linux shell like the $JOB or the $HIPFILE so I can do stuff in the terminal like "hbatch $HIPFILE" without the have to copy or write any lines from Houdini to the terminal, nothing fancy. I hope that makes sense.
  10. Use hscript to set linux variable

    I am already used to hscript for years since H9 the reason I never used python it is because I never had to hscript gives me everything I need inside H. the 'setenv' command only set the environment inside H shell I want to be able to export it to my linux shell with hscript but I think it's not possible and for this case I think you are right python is the way to go. I can go to the window>shell command that H opens up a shell with the variables that I need but I wanted to be able to do it without have to open another window with script. Anyway thanks for the feedback.
  11. Use hscript to set linux variable

  12. I am trying to use the 'unix' hscript command to set the 'JOB' variable to my linux shell from inside Houdini but so far no success I got an 'not valid identifier' error if I do this: unix export JOB=$JOB I know I could use python but I am trying to use script for this one. Any tips? Thanks in advance.
  13. Is there a way to use stereo live footage plate as left/right independent images for a stereo camera rig? I can't find any options to do that in Houdini I can only load one image for both eyes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Good to hear that! thanks.