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  1. Take a look at the categories workflow. Basically, you are attaching categories on the objects (may think of them like tags). And then define Shadow Selection (shadowcategories) parameter on the light to control objects to cast shadows. May read about that in docs: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/render/lights#categories
  2. Houdini UI Python Library

    Thanks for sharing. Decent name, bro
  3. Am I understand right? You are trying to use MPlay as a batch converter application? And after that you want to open converted sequence? From my point of view MPlay is not an ideal candidate as batch converter. Not sure if it helps but there is also the imdisplay application. It could open the MPlay and load any image.
  4. Controling light contribution

    There is some info about light contributions in here: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini13.0/render/lights Take a look at categories work flow as well.
  5. Simple Refraction Question

    If you set the global bias to very small value is for example becomes possible for objects to shadow itself. So technically the surface could send a ray in some direction and hit itself in in the origin of the ray. 0.000001m = 10e-6m =1000 nanometres. Nanographics is coming:)
  6. bgeo file error ?

    I've modified your code a little to have single point created. It's very limited now, but it generates correct .bgeo And I still have a question. Why? Just curious why it could be needed to write geometry on such a low level? By the way, I found the link to this repository in the documentation: http://houdinigpdlibra.sourceforge.net/ bgeo_test.zip
  7. Simple Refraction Question

    Looks like you should decrease the bias of the rays.
  8. Try to execute this example with multithreading turned off ("Use Max Processors" on the Mantra ROP). Would the output be more predictable?
  9. I remember Christian Schnellhammer used OpenMP to compile parallelized Ocean Toolkit. Still has sources available here. But yeah, just look at tbb shipped with Houdini.
  10. Hi! I have a little problem of getting the world space translation of the Sun light object in the vex light shader. What I'm doing looks like this: transform("space:light", "space:world", {0,0,0}) This statement should return me the vector I'm looking for. And it returned the correct value at these wonderful happy days of Houdini 12.5. Now in Houdini 13 it also works well but not for Sun light objects. With a Sun light it returns the world translation of the camera. When checking the transformation matrix in H13 with: getspace(getlightname(), "space:world") we can see that the matrix is correct except the translation part. One can say that the Sun light is a kind of a Distant light that represents just a direction not the position. And virtually it's true. The light itself represents the direction. But the object still exists in the IFD with it's fully correct transformation matrix. By the way I can get this transformation for the actual Distant light. It doesn't work only for Sun light only in Houdini 13. Do you guys have any suggestions about how to solve this problem? Do you think it is possible to get this world position of the Sun light in the light shader? The scene in the attachment shows the problem. Take a look to the terminal output. lightspace.hip
  11. Help with recreating a beautiful comet tail.

    I think the main part of the look could be done with just couple of opaque surfaces. You also could have animation by offsetting noises and slightly changing geometry. Have a quick example. Take a look at a shader and cop inside an attached scene. comet_od_v14.hipnc
  12. Could you show the content of your VEXdso file? And where it is located? Do you use default houdini path like $HOME/houdiniXX.X or anything custom? How is the path to the .so library defined? Using any variables?
  13. It seems like everything is correct in your vex/VEXdso as you can find your function defined through the vcc -X What error exactly you have when compiling your code? Is it "Call to undefined function" or "No matching function"? Is it possible that you call you vcc for compiling the code when environment setup is different from that you have when you call vcc -X?
  14. Reflection of motion blur

    Hi! Attaching the render I get with your file. Unfortunately I can't get it opened correctly as it is. Never use spaces in filenames. It's very bad habit. Even worse than smoking. And try not to use absolute paths when sharing files. For example use $HIP instead. And try to shrink you scene as much as possible. Do we need that train and other geometry for helping you with rendering artifacts? Anyway I had no luck to reproduce it
  15. .pc file super slow

    It's always a good idea to share your hip file for everyone to understand the problem