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  1. Tiling spiral

    Ok, sometimes you just need to sleep. I put a twist after the uvprojet at sop level. And now, i can animate the twist to vary the spiral angle.This is not the same because the spiral is a mask which drive other shaders. And these shaders must be in the undeformed cylinder. But i can live with that. Thx
  2. Tiling spiral

    Thanks Atom, you're right The cylinder uv are exactly unfold between 0 to 1 in u and 0 to 1 in u, which is similar to a simple grid. But when i put the pattern on a grid, i can repeat the pattern with any angle and is work. Why ? For the effect i want to achieve i need to vary the angle... i can't use a fixe angle as 45.56
  3. Tiling spiral

    Hello, I have a problem to render a spiral in a cylinder. I just put the Stripes pattern in a constant shader and rotate the uv. Why i get this offset within the seam of the cylinder ? I upload my simple scene. Thx for your help. tiling.hipnc
  4. How to use pop attrib from volume

    ok, i found the problem. The node was wired in the wrong solver input The solution was in this post --> thx popattribfromvolume.hipnc
  5. Hi, I try to transfert color from a volume to drive my pop sim. But I'm not sure to understand how to use the "pop qttrib from volume". I have read the doc and i don't understand the difference between the volumename and the attribname. In my case nothing happens. Could you check the attached file and tell me what i'm doing wrong ? Thank you popattribfromvolume.hipnc