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  1. If you don't have the original geometry and therefore no access to that initial resample. This should work. vu_tubecentre_end_bit.hipnc
  2. Hello all, I made a fairly quick and dirty digital asset for this based on Pavel's method that I though I'd share. Might be of use to people. Let me know if you make it better! Dan dlw_fracture_displacement.hda
  3. That's ace. Thanks Pavel. It's all working great now. Thanks Dave for the tips. I'll make sure everything is cached out before render and that I use Force Objects to make things more predictable.
  4. Here are those files. The sim isn't exactly the same because I've removed a lot of extra elements in there but the motion blur issue is still the same. logo.obj logo_explode_forum_eg.hip
  5. Thanks guys. It's a production file so it has some other stuff in it. I'll cut it down and note it up when I'm back in the office on Monday, then post it up.
  6. This is the result I get with xform and geo time samples to 10. So it's better but it still looks like the mask is in the wrong place (bands of blue).
  7. So I've got rayman's setup working quite well in my scene. I wanted to keep an inside\outside shader setup though so I thought I could use the blend value in the displacement shader to drive a layered material blend. I tried this and it worked really well until I applied motion blur. When motion blur is on I get a weird mix happening (see attached images). It's like the geometry is pushing through the mask so that the mask ends up be in the wrong place or the mask just isn't being motion blurred. I don't suppose anybody else has come across this issue or understands the code enough to give me a hint about what's going on?
  8. Excellent. Thanks John. I'll play around with the disturbance values.
  9. Hello, I'm sure this is something simple but I could do with a pointer. I'm getting these streak artifacts in my pyro sim (I've looked at the other topics on here and not found quite the same issue I'm having). I'm not sure what's causing them. I have noise on my emitter, a bit of disturbance and a bit of turbulence (I'm not using any other shaping fields other than dissipation). I guess any one of these could cause this odd pattern but I'm not sure which. It's a fairly low-res sim in this example but at a higher res, it's the same with smaller streaks. Any pointers would be great.
  10. Ah, yes. Thanks. That will do the job!
  11. Hello, Is there a way to get a hitnum on a packed object bullet sim back into sops? Like particle collision detect but for bullet packed objects. Thanks.
  12. I thought this would be relatively easy but I've spent all day trying to figure it out and failed. I have a cable that I need to swing under an animated object. The cable is attached at both ends so it is the loop that is swinging. I tried this with a wire solver and it worked fine. The problem is that the cable is supposed to be almost solid in it's rigidity and no matter how high I turned up the stretch and bend values I couldn't achieve this with the wire solver. The cable only needs to swing from side to side so I thought an RDB object with a hinge constraint might do the job instead but as I quickly found you can't attach a hinge constraint to a moving object. Is there a way to do this?
  13. Of course! Thank you. I'm having a bit of a low day today
  14. Hello, How could I go about having drag only affect one direction? I basically want my particles to have drag equal to their velocity (airresist *= length(@v)) but only if they are moving up. If they are moving down I don't want them to have any drag.
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