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  1. Hi all i found an example file the other day where smoke passes through multiple containers but can't find it now.. does anyone know where I could find such an example file... Thanks Found It http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=26547&highlight=cluster
  2. High Performance Laptops 2011

    Thank you really appreciate it
  3. High Performance Laptops 2011

    As there are two options with the precison AMD FirePro M8900 and NVIDIA Quadro 3000M does anyone have experience with these cards and Houdini ? Thank You
  4. High Performance Laptops 2011

    Thinking the dell precision is the best way to go but if i was wanting to upgrade the graphics card how would i know what it can take ? could it take NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460M SLI™ ? Thanks
  5. High Performance Laptops 2011

    Thanks for the replys im looking at 2-3k will checkout the ones you have mentioned.
  6. High Performance Laptops 2011

    Hi all, Has Houdini got any issues with radeon graphic cards ? As im after a high performance laptop but it would seem alienware/dell are using older graphic cards compared to sony vaio S/F Series which are more up to date but use radeon. This is the card im curious about: AMD Radeon HD 6630M 1GB Other than this my understanding is that Nvidia have better drivers for open GL ? If anyone can suggest any high performance windows laptops would appreciate it ? Thanks
  7. A set of Light Streaks

    Possibly im not sure how to do that though, i take it Pz is a depth pass ? N normal ? P ?
  8. A set of Light Streaks

    Hi, Yea i have went over Peter Quint's tutorial and still not getting the right asthetic, Peter clae's tool basically does the same thing and thats what im using atm however, again still not quite there.. Essentially wanting to get the most out of houdini but am also using nuke which should help. Thank You
  9. A set of Light Streaks

    Hi, Been Searching for a solution for quite some time now and still not much luck.. All im looking to achieve is something similar to the reference image above does anyone know a way of achieving this look ? Does anyone know how to set a couple of ramps parameters for particles ? A ramp to control the Alpha fading the particles at one end of the trail. A ramp to change the colour over the length of the trail or skinned geometry. Thank You
  10. A set of Light Streaks

    Hi, Thanks for the reply i got something similar to this earlier using the constant shader and applied it to your scene. Im suprised that the geolight renders quicker than using a simple constant shader.. Although im still trying to get a more realistic ghosting fade as in the reference image from before. I had also considered reducing the shutter speed on the camera to capture a point light moving across as this would render faster hopefully. simpleTrail_Constant.hipnc
  11. A set of Light Streaks

    So use the constant colour instead of rendering lights ? Guessing rendering X amount of lights will kill the system ? as i want the effect to be realistic. Thanks
  12. Hi all could really do with some help... I found a video on youtube that shows beautiful light trails: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyhKhCFklVI&NR=1&feature=fvwp Im trying to do this in houdini however when i instance lights to particles the rendering takes ages... The video tutorial for maya seems to be extremely fast am i going the correct way about this using particles ? How could this be setup to be fast Thanks Light_Streaks.hipnc
  13. A wire object to a rbd object

    Thank you this is not covered in the help manual. This works if you are using primitives as it selects the only point availible but how could this be done if your using a polygon mesh ? how could you use the center of the object (the pivot point).
  14. Hello all, I am wondering if someone can help me i am trying to link a rbd object to a wire object but dont see how to do this. I have looked in the help file and know how to connect a wire pin to a rbd object but im wanting the wire to control the rbd object. Im wondering if someone could explain e.g. how to use a circle with boxes copied to points as rbd objects, and also use this circle as a wire object? THANK YOU