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  1. VFX Artist Needed - Work Remotely

    Hi I sent email to contact@sunsetaperture.com I hope this right address for contact.
  2. Visual Effects Artists Needed - Work Remotely

    Hi Can you provide email Thanks
  3. point cloud question?

    Double post!
  4. point cloud question?

    Thanks skogen , i will study your file .
  5. Hi I have problem that i can't figure out how to solve. This is a thing... I have point cloud with some custom attribute lets say attr1. In this cloud some points have value of attr1=1, some attr1=2 etc... What i need , is to sample around each point , find what are attr1 values of returned points , and if value od attr1 of sampled point is not equal to point in question , return 0 , else return 1 or in different words , does points near point in question all have same value of attr1 or there are some that dont. I tried this with points clouds in vops with partial success.Basicly i need to stop iteration of point cloud when some condition is met , but how? Maybe pcClose... is there is some example how to use this node? Any help...? Thanks
  6. Houdini guy looking for a job

    What company(studio) , if not a secret... ?
  7. Hi I looked through docs but didn't find anything about this. That is how to set particle attribute on particular frame. What i want to do is to "capture" particle position in attribute in first frame and use it later for some calculation. For example maya can create initial state attributes which record values on particular frame and i can set, with scripting ,specific attribute initial state. So two questions: 1.How to set custom attribute with values of another attribute in particular frame 2.How to set initial state on all attributes Thanks
  8. Close window?

    Hi I'm on windows and alt+f4 don't work for closing windows. One of mouse keys are bind to command to close window , and i now feel handicapped when need to close window on "X". So is there way to change this? Is this only windows "problem"?
  9. Particle flow on surface?

    Yeah problem was houdini built. I figure it out. I used manually calculated velocity in particle vop. Normal with ray , and it is ok. Thanks again for the help , i leaned some "tricks" from your files. I'm quite new to houdini , so alot things to figure out. particleSurfaceGoal.hip
  10. Particle flow on surface?

    I can't open file that pclaes posted. Is this only my problem?
  11. Particle flow on surface?

    Thank for file. Problem is i want to control particle position along uv of surface. So problem arises when creep is used in particle network and then velocity is "blocked".
  12. Particle flow on surface?

    Something is wrong with file.I got some fatal error etc. Btw what i'm trying to do , i done in maya with python script.It was really messy , with dead particle filtering , etc , and it was very slow , so i hope houdini got some "simpler" solution.
  13. Particle flow on surface?

    Ok. I have following setup for now. Creep for sticking. Ray for computing normals. Then in vop sop i compute transform matrix and then extraxt rotation with extract transform. Problem that i'm having right now is that particle velocities don't update with creep node , that is velocity is constant and reflects velocity at particle creation. This was my problem in first place with instances , and random rotation , that i dod't understand(that was because i was using location for particles) Any idea how to solve this?
  14. Particle flow on surface?

    I'm currently working with instances. One thing i don't understand. When you create instance node there is option for aligning instances(velocity and upvector) Then i using primuv() fumction to get normals on surface , and create upvector node to insert normal values , but in the end i get some random rotation. In maya this is giving me rusult that i'm exprexting. Maybe i don't understand something crucial here.